Last meeting of the FA 19/3 with representatives of the club have come to an agreement about the English Premier League will finish way the rest of the 2019/20 season. Accordingly, 9 rounds with 92 matches remaining competitions will be held when the pandemic Covid-19 lull in England.

Premier League dates back bewilderment: how feasible plan?
Arsenal Football Club has been training back (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal Football Club has been training back

Judgment of meeting one and a half months ago, the league will be postponed to 30/4, and start playing back at 1/5. But at that time, the organizing committee also envisioned before that plan mentioned above hardly occur.

And at the present time, when the spacing social order has not been lifted in England, Premier League of course can not come back. In case of a pandemic has not subsided and the tournament was postponed for the next period, availability of English football competitions without summer vacation. So in the coming months, the biggest possibility is the Premiership will be back when?


English clubs going back to training. According to the Telegraph, the highest league England can wait until the end of May before being able to think about playing again. Last May the forecasted time period has passed the peak of the pandemic Covid-19 in the UK. Maybe the Premier League will restart and play again on 23 and 24/5.

9 rounds need 7-8 weeks to finish. Under the new plan, the Premier League could end in early January 7. FA Cup will also be completed in this phase. But the team will not have much time to prepare. But nonetheless they still have about 1 month to rest, stable personnel and prepare for next season 2020/21.


The Daily Mail reported that more, if the season 2019/20 ended in mid-July, 2020/21 English Premier League season will begin on August kicks off as usual every year. Is there only one week slower than last season. The urgency of this in preparation for the EURO finals, will take place in the summer of 2021.

Premier League dates back bewilderment: how feasible plan?
Very high possibility Premiership will be back in June (Image Source: Internet)

Very high possibility Premiership will be back in June

However, to ensure this capability, the Premier League must end before 15/7. By the clubs need minimum 1 month to prepare for the new season. If the tournament back in June, the organizers plan will be difficult to complete. But in the case can only be replayed in June, the moment should be on 1/6.


If the Premier League until July could come back, then this is definitely a nightmare with 20 clubs. Meanwhile, the club certainly have to cancel the tour as summer, or truncated to the maximum. With team names, especially those 6 hitters, the inability to perform the tour as summer certainly make their revenues large decrease, by monetizing the tour has long become a habit with them.

The season back in July also makes the club having the transfer problem. The national league at the other end of late, making the transfer process takes place difficult and time quickly. If Premiership maintaining law forced transfer period must end before the new season kicks off one day, then the team may only have one month to buy players.

Meanwhile, the summer vacation of the players will be cut short, even to the extent of almost no. They almost only 2 weeks of rest before having to return to practice and prepare for the new season. In summary, the 2019/20 season is a disaster and its effects longer lasting promise.

Premier League dates back bewilderment: how feasible plan?
To August 9 Premiership is still round, likely will be canceled 2019/20 season (Image Source: Internet)

To August 9 Premiership is still round, likely will be canceled 2019/20 season


If the new Premiership in August to go back, certainly there will be wave-season cancellation request. According to the ruling of the European Football Association, all the leagues in Europe will have to finish before the day 23/8. Thus, 9 rounds take place within a maximum of 22 days, this possibility is not feasible.

In the case in the last month organized a few games, and accrued in the last few rounds, the Premier League will decide to play in focus - according to sources of the Daily Mail. Once this happens, the English Premier League 2020/21 season will be rescheduled to September start painting.