Overview before the 15th Premier League round:

The Premier League 2020/21 will enter the most intense stage of the season starting from the 15th round. Unlike the remaining tournaments, Christmas and the new year is the extremely busy occasion of the British team with the calendar Dense competition to grateful fans. Therefore, interesting surprises can completely happen.

MU is forecasted to win against Leicester City

The earliest match of the 15th round was the King Power at Leicester City and MU (19:30, December 26). The home team is ranked 2nd on the rankings, while "Reds" are ranked immediately and only 1 point (26 compared to 27 points). Therefore, this match has the properties of 6-point match when the team loses will be left behind.

If I win against Leicester City, MU will balance the record of the 11 consecutive guest match of Chelsea in 2008 and City in 2017. The two teams meet in the final match of the last season and MU won Score 2-0.

This match is likely to happen similarly when both teams choose to play stalking and MU can win thanks to sharpness in counterattacks. Sky Sports chooses 1-0 for this match.

Another extremely hot confrontation also performed on Saturday was the fight between Arsenal and Chelsea (0:30, December 27). The home team was falling into a serious crisis situation and fell to 15/20. Meanwhile, Chelsea only searched for a win after 2 consecutive loses.

Both teams are having their own instability and which team solves the problem of better herself will win. Sky Sports believes that Arteta can revive the successful team and the minimum winning ratio will lean on the home team.

Premier League
Man City is easy to "bury" Newcastle (Photo source: Internet)

Man City is easy to "bury" Newcastle

Before this match was two heads between Fulham - Southampton and Aston Villa - Crystal Palace. Sky Sports said that two home teams will dominate and win 3 points.

"Easy to breathe" the most in the big men in this round is probably Man City. The army of Coach Pep Guardiola only had to meet Newcastle, the team was in crisis because of Covid-19 (3 ​​hours, December 27).

Man City is craving a victory and more likely to "blow" only herself tolerate "rage". Sky Sports predicts Man City will win with a 5-0 score.

Liverpool is expected to have an easy match against West Brom (23:30, 27/12) Although Sam Allardyce has taken control of Slaven Bilic. Jurgen Klopp teachers are high, so it is difficult for the visitors to get 1 point out.

Meanwhile, Tottenham will be struggled to confront Wolves (2:30, December 28). Mourinho teachers are losing 3 consecutive games and will be disastrous if "rooster" has no score when leaving Molineux. Wolves's public goods are having problems but if they actively want to find a point, Tottenham will struggle to achieve his goals.

It is predicted that the ratio of the 15th Premier League (according to Sky Sports)