Barcelona are strong revival under new coach Ronald Koeman. Only after the first two matches in La Liga 2020/21 (2 matches less ice than the other team), the Camp Nou has scored 7 goals, not conceding a goal. Besides appealing gameplay, Koeman also rekindle inspiration to play for Lionel Messi as well as helping the "morning star" Fati Ansu brilliant sublimation.

Predict the score 5 La Liga: Real victory, Barcelona against
Barca's real strength will be tested after the great war against Sevilla (Image Source: Internet)

Barca's real strength will be tested after the great war against Sevilla

However, Sevilla clash within the framework of the new 5 as "reagents" really with Barca. As well as "giant Origin Catalunya", the champions Europa League triumph two matches in La Liga and though just experienced defeat against Bayern Munich in the European Super Cup, their strength can not be underestimated .

Since 2016, Sevilla still not a win before Barca in La Liga alone. So despite hardship, teachers Koeman afford 3 points on home field won the Nou Camp.

Also at 5, defending champion Real Madrid will travel to Levante pitch. Fans are worried for teachers and students after the match Zinedine Zidane less convincing from the start, the absence of many pillars as Eden Hazard, Marcelo, Toni Kroos. Therefore, encounter rivals Levante preferred is an opportunity to "Royal team" affirms the position.

Real Madrid hardly dropped 3 points before Levante

A representative of the other Madrid, Atletico promises to undergo 90 minutes before Villarreal hard. 2 recent games, teachers Diego Simeone shows two completely opposite face, they can easily beat Granada 6-1 but to look Huesca drew 0-0. This shows that "machine" Atletico is not really on the reels.

More than ever, coach Luis Suarez shines Simeone need at the right time to help the team not beaten down in the championship race with Real, Barca.

Predict the score 5 La Liga