Bruno Fernandes performances against Manchester City (Copyright K +)

Since joining Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes actually create a new wind for the home side at Old Trafford. Along with the shine of the Portuguese rookie, the Army coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær also gradually rediscover the inherent bravery.

Bernardo Silva (left) and Bruno Fernandes "Coffee respect" each other as the Manchester derby (Image Source: Internet)

Bernardo Silva (left) and Bruno Fernandes "Coffee respect" each other as the Manchester derby

Join the ranks of "Reds" is not so long, but Bruno Fernandes quickly create huge influence to the team. Even in the first Manchester derby participants, Fernandes was enjoy the fun while contributing a line is created for Martial, help "Reds" floored "Green Man" 2-0.

This is also the 3rd victory of Manchester United against Manchester City in all competitions this season, including two games in the Premiership. Bruno Fernandes seems to have prompted this statistic with Bernardo Silva, and open up a debate between two Portuguese players this.

Bernardo Silva's teammate Bruno Fernandes in Portugal squad. Both have become rivals after Bruno Fernandes transferred to MU. In real life, they are also close friends. But hostilities between Manchester United and Manchester City are pulling the two players in a war of small grapes.

Manchester City Manchester United have met 4 times this season, including team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær won 3 times, including two wins in the Premier League. But Man City have won three Premier League championship after the last time Manchester United crowned in the 2012/13 season. Bernardo Silva swung in left oblique piercing points to close friends.

"I went with some friends and Troia spent very happy time. I talked to Fernandes about 3 days ago. He won 1-0 in duels between us here, but Fernandes must eat a lot of soup to still get power collecting trophies of Man City ", Bernardo Silva sarcastically.

Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes is close friends in Portugal (Image Source: Internet)

Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes is close friends in Portugal

Meanwhile, Bruno Fernandes at MU apparent ambition: "I see myself as a warrior on the field because every game is a battle with me. You need to step out and beat his opponent. With all due respect for the opponent, you have to beat them, if not, they will make you admit defeat ".

Bruno Fernandes individuals, Man City is just one of 19 opponents that MU should beat in the Premiership: "Who is your opponent is not the problem. If the other side is a friend, I do not care. I have many friends who are playing in England but at the moment, I will be their biggest rivals. "

This season, both Manchester City and Manchester United almost no chance to be crowned as league leaders Liverpool dropped way too far. "Green Man" now has 57 points, 25 points inferior to Liverpool. For its part, "Red Devils" only ranked 5th with 45 points, and opportunity into the top four is not really too high.

In nine appearances for Manchester United as of this time, Fernandes has scored 3 goals and contributed four tectonic line for incorporation teammate. Bernardo Silva also played 40 games for City in all competitions this season, scoring 7 goals and 8 times indirect.