Tel Portugal are impressive streak 7 consecutive games unbeaten while 5 winners. Nearest team can beat "Seleccao" is Tel Ukraine on day 10.15.2019 - that is already more than a year ago. To start the second last match in 2020, Portugal Tel decide on a rival "pie" to friendlies. That is Tel Andorra.

Portugal, France
Portuguese performer and Andorra complete opposite (Image Source: Internet)

Portuguese performer and Andorra complete opposite

In stark contrast with the European champions, Tel Andorra are on a very bad record with 8 consecutive games and lost the whole Republic. In fact, this team only one win in 15 appearances in all competitions closest school. This is understandable because football Andorra undeveloped in other regions of Europe.

Therefore, an easy win for Portugal Tel's what everyone thought. This is a chance to coach Fernando Santos Test squad with young talent like Paulinha (Braga), Sérgio Oliveira (FC Porto) or Trincao (Barcelona).

Somewhat unfortunately, some prominent face of current Portugal Tel absent for various reasons such as Daniel Podence, Andre Silva, Goncalo Guedes or Pepe. One of information a lot of interest is whether or not Ronaldo off the pitch? The answer can only be known when the game started.

Ronaldo has played in Portugal although DT new ankle injury

A few days ago, Ronaldo was injured ankle in the match of Juventus. However, Santos coach has called up players and national team duty this superstar has appeared. Therefore, the ability to play CR7 is still there. Ronaldo is looking forward to record scorer for the national team so most will not miss an opportunity like this if you can play.

Can both sides met 5 times and Portugal all won, scoring 22 goals and conceding just once. Therefore, a win is strong with Santos towards teachers and coaches in this match.

Predict the score: Portugal 4-0 Andorra

Probable teams

Portugal: Patricio; Nelson Semedo, Fonte, Ruben Semedo, Rui; Neves, Pereira, Bruno Fernandes; Trincao, Felix, Jota

Andorra: Gomes; Rubio, San Nicolas, Emili Garcia, Cervos; Vieira, Rebes, Pujol, Cristian Martinez; Alaez, cucu