Police act unexpectedly in the investigation of Maradona's death
Leopoldo Luque is currently investigated after the death of the legendary Diego Maradona (Photo source: Internet)

Leopoldo Luque is currently investigated after the death of legendary Diego Maradona

Two weeks after Football Legend Diego Maradona died, investigations related to his death are still fiercely implemented.

In the latest developments, the Telem said the police confiscated 4 mobile phones of related people to investigate the cause of Maradona's death. In it, 2 phones are Couple Leopoldo Luque, the private doctor of legendary Diego Maradona and the other 2 are of the neurologist Agustina Cosachov.

From these 4 phones, the police will extract all the calls mentioned Maradona's medical care and what happened in the hours ago, during and after the legendary legendary time died.

To ensure honesty and accuracy during the investigation and verification process, the police agency will use UFED (Universal Foreician Extraction Device), a device that allows all the information stored from the phone Mobile, tablet or any other device like SIM or memory card.

Police blockade clinic area of ​​doctors. Photo: Reuters

In addition, two other phones in Maradona's room are also seized but currently, because of respect for the Privacy of the former Argentine player, the police will not unlock the phone unless there are necessary requirements.

Information about Maradona's death has shocked the world. Earlier, "The Yellow Boy" experienced difficult times from the beginning of November after hospitalization in La Plata and was then transferred to Olivos clinic to surgery with blood clots in the brain. The success of the surgery is partly part, but a recovery is very difficult.

With Maradona's health situation, his daughters believe that all their father's health-related issues are responsible by Dr. Luque and Cosachov. They are also the one who requested an investigation to know which "medical negligence" happened to the death of the Argentine legend or not.