Until the present time, can confirm one thing that scenario landing Bernabeu ended with Pogba. Constant injuries and issues financial objective is happening around the world after the pandemic Covid-19 is enough reason to Real forced to temporarily cast aside this deal. For Pogba, next time will be a great challenge to him.

Pogba will need to shed the psychological burden (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba will need to shed the psychological burden

Another truth that Pogba would know, it was his influence on the MU not as large as he thought, if the player really think so. In the midfield, Manchester United currently have McTominay and Fred are playing extremely leg recently, because they are given the opportunity regularly. Above, a Bruno Fernandes pull bright sunlight back to Old Trafford.

Even statistics also pointed out that "Reds" stone better when absent Pogba. Specifically: MU winning percentage of at Premiership this season as Pogba played just 28.5%, whereas when Pogba absence rate 45.4% victory skyrocketed.

Fernandes prospect Pogba and together form a lethal pair is something everyone wants at the Premier League again, because the level of the players has been proven. But "if Pogba bear down their egos down to play like a normal person, plus the support of Bruno Fernandes, I believe that Manchester United will be a midfield powerful and complete," the former defender Gary Neville once said so.

Since scored twice against West Ham on 04/13/2019 day so far (414 days), Paul Pogba still has not scored yet another goal in the Premiership. Even if it is created 9 months Pogba has not yet created any goals in the league, since the latest round 1 Premier League against Chelsea at Old Trafford.

Poor performer has great influence on the value of Pogba. According Transfermarkt transfer page, the current value of 72 million pounds Pogba, down significantly from the time he is priced 95 million pounds last year. Time since Juventus Pogba back to Manchester United, he is priced £ 72.

Pogba problems will weigh on sentiment. MU fans would expect Pogba will create effects such as the world's top stars while back, but not sure what it was interested Pogba. What he wants first, probably just a psychological comfort to play with his own ability.

It is the fact, 1.5 months will decide the fate of Pogba at Old Trafford. If good and lucky stone, maybe left Real Madrid will open the door to welcome him, but if at the opposite extreme, a sad face on the bench is what we are witnessing.