MU is back winning ways by beating Everton 3-1 in Premier League Round 8, the last round before the break club competitions and made way for the game at international level. The thing with the MU, the "drama" unnecessary still clinging to this club both on the national side.

Pogba was not pleased with tactical Solskjaer For MU, brought up to speak the national team
MU lost 3 games this season Pogba main stone (Image Source: Internet)

MU lost 3 games this season Pogba main stone

Everton in the win, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has decided not hit the rocks after Paul Pogba serious mistake of French midfielder helped Arsenal win 1-0 in round 7 of Pogba performer of the season is very bad, his main stone, the MU won 1 lost 3 and he reserves the MU wins 2nd harmonic 1, which Solskjaer seems determined to cast Pogba during search results to keep the seat for himself.

3 Solskjaer preferred midfielder Bruno Fernandes least this time, Scott McTominay and Fred while he sometimes came on Juan Mata, and rookie Nemanja Matić Donny Van de Beek. Pogba also get into the field if the stones are generally classified misses. Seems Pogba told the discomfort of his position problem for coach Didier Deschamps of France said that Deschamps has recently spoken out about this issue.

In an interview for the magazine France Football, Deschamps said that Manchester United are not handled well by Pogba situation. "He knows the team are not happy because Manchester United but the problem location and playing time. Pogba's performer is injured and Covid-19 affected should have the opportunity to regain the pace, "said Deschamps.

Pogba coach Deschamps said very happy to return to the France squad because of dissatisfaction with the tactical MU

"Pogba has kicked well in some matches last month despite those things, but hard to say that he wants to present situation continues. When a player is not happy at the club level will surely be happy to kick for France. Pogba told me his comments and said he has a responsibility to bring the best effort for the national team. "

Although Pogba just came off the bench but Solskjaer still praise for him after Everton win. "When Paul entered the game I'm very satisfied because both teams are pretty tired after the game in midweek, but he then showed the ability to keep the ball well so we can put it up for 2nd half Everton were forced yard continuous "Solskjaer said.