The future of Pogba is the most interested topic in recent times after the representative Mino Raiola declares the time of 27-year-old players in MU has ended. Mino Raiola said at the moment before MU's important match in the Champions League. As a result, the "Red Devils" failed 2-3 before Leipzig and removed from the tournament.

Pogba wants to give up MU:
MU is willing to break up with Pogba (Photo source: Internet)

MU is willing to break up with Pogba

In that match, Pogba was bricked by Coach Solskjaer from MU's starting lineup and was only fired in the 6th minute when "Red Devils" were led to 3-0. After entering the field, the French midfielder scored a goal with a shortage but not enough to help MU won the ticket to continue.

Recently, The Sun revealed that the Management Board opened a closed meeting and came to the decision to sell Pogba right in the upcoming winter transfer period. Specifically, "Red Devils" are willing to accept the price of £ 50 million for the French midfielder, this figure is much lower than the cost of £ 89 million that the Old Trafford player team has spent to bring He about 2016.

In his speech, Mino Raiola opened the possibility that Pogba would return to Juventus, the British team once played in the period from 2012 to 2016 before returning to MU. Besides, Real Madrid is expected to be a potential parking for Pogba. The French midfielder acknowledged that playing for the Spanish Royal team was seen as a dream.

Pogba's influence on MU's play was greatly reduced since Bruno Fernandes came earlier this year. In this season, the French midfielder was even pushed up by Coach Solskjaer to the bench in some matches.

At the Premier League, the 27-year-old played 8 matches for MU, but among them nearly half of the courtyard from the bench. In the Champions League, Pogba even has a unannounced match and 4 matches without names in the starting lineup.

Before the tricks of Mino Raiola, former MU striker, Dimitar Berbatov advised the old team to sell Pogba because it was good for both. Berbatov said on Betfair: "Mino Raiola's comments about Pogba dissatisfaction is very wrong, just before a large match in the Champions League. That's a mistake, it creates a noise that is completely unnecessary in front of a match. "

"However, if Pogba told his representative to say those things, it was obvious that something was wrong. I can understand if Pogba is dissatisfied, I'm fish that is not because he can't be Competition, it is obvious, when not often on the yard, he won't be happy.

If this situation continues, I think it is best to break up because in a few recent matches, Solskjaer's lack of trust for Pogba is very clear "'Dimitar Berbatov said.