Real Madrid has the latest move for Paul Pogba, according to information from an AS in Madrid. Royal team has proposed a £ 70m bid for French midfielder asked to buy, but this price is the MU rejected immediately.

Pogba Real put a price level of
Paul Pogba is underpriced made Real the MU refused (Image Source: Internet)

Paul Pogba is underpriced made Real the MU refused

Sources said the Real pose this price because they think Pogba decline and aging performance compared to when Manchester United bought from Juventus in 2016 on Pogba then be purchased for £ 89 so now Real not to pay the higher price, more buy Pogba is to satisfy the demands of coach Zinedine Zidane Real leadership but not too excited.

MU seemed quite irritated when receiving this offer and they immediately rejected. This price makes MU hole and showed no real willingness to do business. Besides, the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær wanted to keep Pogba anyway and he now had an excuse to explain why the French midfielder the club will not let him go.

Solskjaer is quite excited with the opportunity to be grafted into the midfield Pogba has McTominay Scott, Fred and Bruno Fernandes. 3 midfielder has played a major role in the chain of 11 games unbeaten Manchester United before football breather, and the return of Pogba promises that "Reds" more reliable journey holding sure ticket to the Champions League next season with a place in the top 4.

Pogba Real put a price level of
Bruno Fernandes upcoming new partner (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes upcoming new partners

Current Pogba has completely healed. If not for Covid-19, the 2018 World Cup champion was able to play from this point. Pogba was sidelined from 30/9 due to an ankle injury, and just back from the bench in the second against Watford (22/12) and Newcastle (27/12). Since early 2020 he has played until now any minute.

Rashford appear in Carrington

The process of preparing for the sprint race of MU had another good sign. On the day Monday, 27/4, the main striker Marcus Rashford came Carrington training ground to test once more back injuries. England striker wants to ensure that he has recovered 100% and this is the quiz master last.

Pogba Real put a price level of
Rashford have recovered from a back injury (Image Source: Internet)

Rashford have recovered from back injury

Rashford back injury in the third round replay between Manchester United and Wolves FA Cup in January 1. At that time, the England striker was diagnosed to stay all season and risk missing out on the EURO 2020. However, , pandemic Covid-19 makes English football postponed, EURO 2020 finalists have also moved to 2021. this incident helps Rashford extra recovery time.

Marcus Rashford are having the best season of his career. Unfortunately he picked up an injury and was out for months. If Rashford healed, surely the position of MU had better be 5th now. Because England striker is the weapon that opponents must be wary when confronted MU.