Former captain Bryan Robson legend recently had an interview with The Times to comment on the current situation at Manchester United before the Premier League back in the match. MU still targets and the fans are excited about what they will witness Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba together in midfield.

Pogba pairing Fernandes: Legendary MU lo
Pogba and Fernandes during a training session of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba and Fernandes during a training session of MU

Bruno Fernandes has created a huge surge in Manchester United since joining in the winter transfer window. His creative abilities helped MU offensive attack extremely effective and owns an 11-match unbeaten run in all competitions. That made the fans help remember Pogba, who stay most of the season due to injury and therefore has not played much besides Fernandes.

But Robson said nothing ensures that pairs Pogba - Fernandes will generate great efficiency that fans waiting, said that although both players are very talented people. He gave a famous example of a combination of two outstanding midfielders in English football but did not bring satisfactory results.

"Both Paul and Bruno, they are all special talents. Bruno knows scored, attract defenders and shot the ball do the thrilled spectators. Paul is a great player, but now the team will have to decide what his role is. Either he had to back down to support defense, or Bruno will do it ", Robson assessed.

Pogba pairing Fernandes: Legendary MU lo
Gerrard and Lampard failed to rock together in England (Image Source: Internet)

Gerrard and Lampard failed to rock together in England

"As before England had Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, but ultimately there is no one solution to both play well together. They are two dangerous offensive player but not yet devised ways coaches so they can shine together. That can happen with Bruno and Paul ".

Robson rated for 2 people, Pogba will be the player to adjust the game to fit squad MU general and individuals in particular Bruno Fernandes. He said that if Manchester United had very good results with the next kick Bruno Matic Fred and McTominay, the pressure will be for Pogba.

"Pogba is going to be integrated with new gameplay and new contexts. Bruno has proven ability in attack power could, I think Paul enough stone pillars but he must be responsible in protecting the front line. I believe coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær can help that happen, "Robson said.