French star, Paul Pogba has revealed the desire to coat Real Madrid after the expiration of the contract with Manchester United. Former Juventus star insisted the team was playing for the Spanish royal family like a dream for his career.

Pogba made MU shock: Declaration wish to Real Madrid, awaiting departure
Pogba wants Real Madrid jacket after leaving Manchester United (Picture source: Internet)

Pogba wants Real Madrid jacket after leaving Man United

Pogba's contract with Manchester United will be only for 10 months and 27 years old midfielder has admitted that CEO Ed Woodward did not intend to renew his contract. Star academy grew out of "Reds" are very uncertain about the future with the move from the leadership team.

It is time to focus and Training Pogba France and in the latest interview, the star MU led all shocked to say: 'Well, all footballers are like Real Madrid jacket. It was a dream for me, someday will be. I am at Manchester and I love MU. I cherish every day in this team and will devote ability until no longer belongs to Manchester United again. "

Man United have experienced a summer transfer period is extremely difficult when the coach Solskjaer is said can not be bought on the likes attention. Diligence "Reds" only come in the last day of the fair, but therefore, the Manchester team has only been signed by the player hardly can be considered a "blockbuster".

Pogba previously expressed admiration with fellow coach is leading Real, Zinedine Zidane

Therefore, the goal is to retain the pillars is the first task that MU forward. However, with the speech of Pogba, MU is clearly not possible to do this.

Pogba insisted: "Nobody talk to me anything. I have not talked to Ed Woodward. We never talked about a new deal. Currently, I am in Manchester and are focused to get back best form. However, I can not know your future will be in all places. "

Pogba after being summoned to the national team was substitute in the 7-1 victory of the France squad dark before Ukraine in an international friendly match. Pogba's next match in the Premier League will be a duel between Manchester United and Newcastle.