Pogba's future at Old Trafford has not yet been determined, as in the past 12 months continuous rumors about how he will leave Manchester United, the destination is Real Madrid and Juventus. Recently, MU fans a surprise when phen Pogba signed a slant line mysterious status on Twitter, entitled "Tomorrow" (Tomorrow) with eyes icon.

Pogba hinted a new contract, a show
Joke Pogba (Image Source: Internet)

Joke Pogba

Many fans believe Pogba has decided on the future and intends to "tomorrow" will be widely reported, but what they get is a joke of the French midfielder, while in line update status Status later, Pogba revealed it "nothing related to football".

Responding to the game "sentences like" of Pogba, many MU fans feel so down. A fan replied simply: "noooooo" (Oh no), while others express their feelings: "I'm not happy Paul" (Not funny jive Paul).

Back tweet first Pogba, some fans responded with the phrase "POGTRACT" (the combination of Pogba and from Contract - contract) while others only ask: "Announce the contract" (Announced contract type).

One other fans to post photos a contract being signed, while others seemed to know the intentions of Pogba, had hoped this notice does not turn into something unrelated.

Pogba has a sponsorship deal from Adidas and a fan for that tweet this star could be a new form of this sportswear company.

Unfavorable season 2019/20 with Pogba, he only played 7 games for United before having to go under the knife because of nagging injuries in the ankle in January. Phase Football breather for pandemic Covid-19 allows the striker fully recovered injury, then returned and contributed greatly help "Reds" finishing in the top four, winning one in the Champions League after.

The combination Pogba and rookie Bruno Ferndandes very anticipated and actual has brought good results. MU fans have expressed satisfaction with the style of Pogba after back and hope he continues to show impressive performances at Old Trafford.

Recently, Pogba was former striker Luca Toni rated as "ideal gift" for Andrea Pirlo after he was appointed Juventus coach since season 2020/21. During his career, Pirlo had 3 years of frontline with Pogba at Juventus (from 2012-2015).