After days of waiting, the MU fans finally saw Pogba and Fernandes appeared on the frontline in the starting lineup. According to the arrangement of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, play Pogba in midfield alongside Nemanja Matic, while Fernandes occupy prominent positions "10", and Marcus Mason Greenwood Rashford and support for Anthony Martial.

Pogba - Fernandes fascinated millions of fans in the first MU soccer together
MU duo's dream (Image Source: Internet)

MU duo's dream

Are all capable of holding the rhythm, lead gameplay, Pogba and Fernandes together have created a ball, dominate the enchanting that Manchester United have been in the period of the first game was hunting opening goal, which points press the original situations that have turned extremely finely so long the new MU fans witnessed.

After 19 minutes, they played the set of unfortunate circumstances of Rashford miss with sliding ungainly shot in the penalty area. Fernandes heel full of sensitive Rashford, Pogba after receiving paid reverse way of Rashford made a overhead kick shot full of feeling for the young British star, unfortunately that is not the goal.

In bringing the lead to 2-0 by Martial, Fernandes and Pogba is the inspirer. Portuguese star as a sham, shot and then release back to Pogba, the Frenchman pushed the ball to Aaron Wan-Bissaka wing to right-back then this is made up of the table.

Calmness and sublimation can also be seen in Pogba, when he was playing next to a brain creativity as Fernandes, which is typical situations overtake 3 players Sheffield United after 61 minutes, including one page shadow "threading the needle" extremely delicate opponents.

The figures also make it more convincing about Pogba, who had to wait so long to come back later stage nagging injuries. French star dogfight won all 3 phase, phase 9/12 take advantage in duels, with 15 appearances in the last 1/3 of the field, 7 appearances in the penalty opponent, winning the ball 5 times public, through successful 5 times and 4 situations create opportunities (most of the players took the field).

The excellence of the duo Pogba - Fernandes also expressed in performances Matic. The veteran midfielder has played a very solid round and shoulder, because I just have to concentrate worry intercept and protect the area in front of the defender. Matic, who owns an absolute standard ball and passed exactly 95%, 8 times won the ball, not foul each time, as well as the team touch the ball at most (103 times).

Football that Pogba and Fernandes created really gives much hope for MU, not only in the rest of this season but also a more distant future. If more time playing together, Pogba and Fernandes will be the duo that any route between any well to be wary.