The whole team returned to Manchester, after a straight flight from Germany. Frustration covered all, after the "Red Devil" was defeated by German team 3-2 in the final round of the group stage. That result, the British representative became the audience in the rest of the Champions League 2020/21.

Pogba is dissatisfied with its past position and private meeting with coach Solskjaer

But the windows with the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have yet to stop. After returning to the joint venture, according to the news of Daily Mail, Guardian or many other British newspapers, Coach Solskjaer had a serious conversation with Paul Pogba star.

According to the description, the French midfielder asked Coach Solskjaer about his role in the Norwegian Military Plans, about why he had to sit in front of Monchengladbach in particular and during the previous period there. "PogBoom" has the right to ask questions, when looking at the statistics on the frequency of this player.

According to statistics, Paul Pogba only rocked 90 minutes with 3 matches, of a total of 14 matches with MU from the beginning of the season 2020/21. Meanwhile, the match with Leipzig is the 9th World Cup champion 2018 must enter the courtyard from the bench.

The status of alarms so much that Dider Deschamps Dad Didier Deschamps must exclaim: "Pogba has talent and pride!". Former Captain Juventus felt unfair to Pogba, when the number of matches of this player had to sit and rise, and MU fans didn't seem to be mindful of it.

Responding to Paul Pogba "honestly and frankly", the phrase that Daily Mail used, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirms that this player no longer plays a key role in its Human Resource Plans . Therefore, Ole told his student that accepted the context and had to get used to the bench.

In response, Paul Pogba officially asked to leave. On his point of view, "Solsa" approved. But the rest is Pogba's story with MU leadership. Because, there are many things that need to be solved to "Reds" can agree to sell the star but they have to pay a world transfer fee of 89 million in the 2016 summer pounds.

Pogba Emergency Meeting Solskjaer about the future: Going in January, which club will go to?
Pogba is likely to reunite with coach Pirlo in Juventus (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba is likely to reunite with coach Pirlo in Juventus

Only 24 hours before the match with Leipzig, the representative of Paul Pogba is super Mino Raiola declared: "I think Pogba's career in MU has ended. He's unhappy in MU and no longer shown Emotional as you like. Pogba needs a new club, to change the air ".

After this meeting took place, British media affirmed that Juventus and Real Madrid were the top two candidates to become Paul Pogba's next Do Ban. In it, the 27-year-old midfielder itself returns to Juventus's former team, which marks in the adult years of this player. In addition, PSG is also a potential name, and "blockbuster" can take place in January 1/2021.