Recently, former midfielder Tottenham Jan Vertonghen said that the old teacher Mauricio Pochettino will soon come to a large team in Europe, namely the Premier League when the unemployment is quite long.

Pochettino loses patience with MU - Real, aiming for a new
Vertonghen Understanding old teacher Pochettino (Photo source: Internet)

Vertonghen learns old teacher Pochettino

After being discharged by Tottenham in November 2019, Coach Pochettino has been the leading teams like Real Madrid or Manchester United. However, the agreements are still only in the plan because both these teams have yet to give any judgment-related judgment.

With Real Madrid, Coach Zinedine Zidane is no longer holding his image as in the previous stage. The reunion of the French strategist with the Spanish Royal team has no longer helps Real "molting" as expected. Instead, despite the throne at La Liga last season, Real still couldn't find a picture of a former European king in the Champions League this season.

Pochettino loses patience with MU - Real, aiming for a new
Pochettino used to be connected by both MU and Real in the past summer (Photo source: Internet)

Pochettino used to be connected by both MU and Real in the past summer

In MU, the future of Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is always the hot topic of the British press whenever "Red Devils" must receive adverse engines. However, the Norwegian captain still received great credibility from the team leader. This shows that Ed Woodward Vice President repeatedly supports Solskjaer in the current role.

According to Vertonghen, the homes of Real and Mu may make Coach Pochettino feel patient. Although not to remind the name of the club in the UK, but the comment of the Belgian star meant that the old teacher may receive a new job in the Fog country.

"I think the Premier League is very suitable for him because Pochettino is a physical priority manager and strength. It is a philosophy that suits British football" - Vertonghen shared on the Golazo rod TV channel CBS Soccer.

"I think the Premier League coach is the best for Pochettino now. I guess he will always want to train a big team here. If you look at the big team in the Premier League, will only have 2 or 3 choices at this time. I won't name the teams because of the respect for the current coaches, but I think he is also determining the next stops in the career My "- former centotenham midfielder added.

Man City is the most favorable berth with the Argentine strategist

"If I'm him, I will lose my patience with love with my work. You have waited too long and you need to come back to the training cabin. Man United or Real Madrid may have lost too many times. Time to make a decision and they may have to regret it because of that delay "- Vertonghen concluded.

Although not directly pointing to the new stop, Vertonghen is probably understood to mention Man City, where Coach Pep Guardiola is likely to have repatriated next year. In the latest movements, heavyweight candidates for Barca chair chair, Victor Font sent an invitation to the Spanish strategist to convince Pep Guardiola to reunite the Nou Camp team.

If this deal is successful, the training chair in Manchester City may be able to pick up a new name, no one else, is Mauricio Pochettino.