In an interview on Sky Sport 1 week ago, coach Mauricio Pochettino is ready for re-export declaration football if they receive appropriate suggestions. Argentine strategist "sitting idle" since parting Tottenham in November last year.

Daily Mail citation from The Athletic said the potential landing sites that target Pochettino including MU, Chelsea, Man City and PSG. Of these, MU emerged as the leading candidate.

Pochettino latch berth dream: MU, 2
Manchester United, Chelsea 2 of 4 "dream landing" of Pochettino (Image Source: Internet)

Manchester United, Chelsea 2 of 4 "dream landing" of Pochettino

"Reds" not impressive reign Ole Gunnar Solskjær for 2 years. The reputation so boldly put ratio 6/5 (set 5 eat 6) the ability to "Reds" Solskjaer fired, topped the list of coaches in danger of losing the earliest Premier League. Besides, Pochettino is candidate No. 1 spot at the rate of 1/3 Solskjaer from the house.

In fact, leadership MU no definitive attitude with Solskjaer. "Reds" are leading the Champions League and with the outcome of the complex in the 2020/21 Premier League, they are still strong enough to improve the ranking (currently ranked 14/20).

On the other hand, the past indicates MU does not have a habit of firing head coach at the beginning of the season, both David Moyes and Jose Mourinho will wait until the end of phase leg, or at least to a new Christmas had gone, Solskjaer expected not the exception. Like Manchester United, Man City, PSG and Chelsea are no signs of losing patience with Pep Guardiola, Frank Lampard, Thomas Tuchel.

Quite surprising list of potential landing sites by The Atheltic listed Pochettino no Real Madrid. "Royal Team" season undergoing unrest, prompting the coach's chair creak Zinedine Zidane. Recently, Spanish media said the club Athletic Bilbao also wanted to invite Pochettino about. Of course in terms of the attraction, represented La Liga difficult to compete with the four "big" other.

According to The Athletic ability Pochettino soon have jobs are not high because the European teams are experiencing financial difficulties between Covid-19. Sacking incumbent head coach will make them lose compensation decent contract.