Mauricio Pochettino still "sitting" since breaking up Tottenham a year ago. The Argentinian teacher received attention from many big people of Europe but still hadn't chosen the new berth. A year ago, Pochettino was quite "silent" but in the latest statement, the former Tottenham's coach was ready to return.

Pochettino claims to return: MU - Real waiting, Solskjaer - Zidane wary
Pochettino claims ready to take care of (source: Internet)

Pochettino claims to be ready to hold back

"I'm always ready to return. I don't feel any pressure. My job is to practice and prepare for the new team's battles. I hope I can soon come back and I look forward to a worthy job. I like this job even though it's very difficult. We play a backstage person and create the things you see on the grass. That gives me interest. "

The 48-year-old strategist was fired by Tottenham after more than 5 years of holding and helping the team go to the Champions League final 2018/19. Pochettino admitted sadness because of this decision but did not resent the former team.

"Everything has passed but if I say I'm not sad is not honest. You can't be happy to break up with the team that has been attached five and a half years. But I understand football is so. The team needs to change so I don't resent any responsibility for this decision. "

These conflicts show that Pochettino has actually regained its psychological balance and is ready for a new challenge. So where is the authority of the Argentine teacher? Currently, MU and Real Madrid are the most ideal destination of Pochettino.

Pochettino is the largest candidate to replace Solskjaer in Mu or Zidane at Real Madrid

Both of these clubs have financial potential to afternoon the Argentine teacher on the transfer market. And moreover, both have problems with the current coach. For Real Madrid, Zidane's return time was unsuccessful as expected. The team is still playing on edema and still leaning on the "hash old man" as Benzema, Modric, Ramos.

While young talents like Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio ... are regressed over time. If Real Madrid continues like the present, the French teacher is hard to hold the chair even if the chairman Perez is loved on. Remember, Pochettino has talented use of young players and has been real noticed by Real before Zidane returns to the club.

As for Mu, Solskjaer also made fans lose their patience evenly. The friendly of Norwegian teachers do not match existing issues. Speaking true then Solskjaer is good as a technical director rather than coach.

The strategist reset the club's development, reasonable shopping with quality contracts but tactics and how to apply in every situation of the match is quite poor. If compared to the true experience, Solskjaer is hard to compare with Pochettino.