The Sun UK has launched an idea rather daring, it's a combination of what is considered the best of the two best players in football contemporary Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi to create a "super-striker ". In the future, if certain player fully owns the following qualities, it is likely, that the superstar's No.1 football world football.

Player version
"Super striker" is a combination of Ronaldo and Messi (Image Source: Internet)

"Super striker" is a combination of Ronaldo and Messi

First, it was Ronaldo's right leg. Dung reliable and extremely precise, 64% of the goals of the Portuguese superstar to from here. The defender is also famous current teammate Chiellini had to say: "To prevent Ronaldo it? Do not give him space and determined not to let him use the right foot. "

Ronaldo's right leg, then of course, the left leg is Messi. Ingenious and very supple, most of the goals for the Argentine superstar get to from the left leg (83%). An arrogant player like Ibrahimovic also admitted Messi left foot just to become the best player in the world.

"Super striker" There is a combination of storm through the ability of Ronaldo and Messi's dribbling skills. Even with these athletes athletics, running 100m with CR7 also very hard but do not say to a football player. Add to that the dribbling skills "stick like glue" of Messi, this is the horror of all crafts.

Player version
Ronaldo body possesses super expensive (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo's super expensive to own body

Than physically, as good as Ronaldo Messi can not be physical, power shot or a header of "super-striker" belong CR7. Diet and professional attitude in training to help the superstar Ronaldo was dubbed the "tree of life" of world football. This is why "dynamics" of the super players were taken from the Portuguese superstar.

Meanwhile, skills and vision to pass the ball tactic taken from Messi. Argentine superstar not only do good scoring duties but also often create for teammates merits. It is this ability makes the M10 becomes very unpredictable. Besides, the striker "super" also includes artistic and leadership of the Argentine superstar.

"Super striker" or "super striker" is just a product of imagination and entertaining. However, the future is unpredictable and who knows, a fully owned players essence of Ronaldo - Messi will be released, and then the defense will be difficult, which can prevent floating.