Juventus after sacking coach Maurizio Sarri has suddenly decided to appoint Andrea Pirlo on the club's head coach position, although the new Pirlo 9 days experience as coach of the U23 team. However Pirlo has certified trainer since 2018 and has become familiar with at Juventus superstructure.

Pirlo buy
Pirlo had planned to transfer to Juventus shortly after to lead (Image Source: Internet)

Pirlo had planned to transfer to Juventus shortly after taking lead

The change of position coaches also means change always both transfer policy, Pirlo has predefined goals you want with Juventus and now apparatus recruit Juventus just the start, and goals Juventus interested at the request of coach Sarri as Jorginho will be dismissed.

According to Tuttosport in Turin, the first two Juventus players will target young talents are indigenous. The first man, Sandro Tonali, has emerged as one of the brightest midfield of recent Italian football with a style of play that he was compared to the Pirlo. Tonali even been joined Brescia, Pirlo was also the club that starting a business.

Over the past week Inter Milan sent the people loitering in Brescia to convince the club to sell Tonali, but according to Tuttosport immediately after Pirlo took over, Juventus have started contacting the representative Beppe Bozzo of Tonali each boss Massimo Cellino Brescia to ask to buy players 20 years old.

Pirlo buy
Sandro Tonali been compared to Pirlo on the gameplay (Image Source: Internet)

Sandro Tonali been compared to Pirlo on the play

If Tonali service failure, Juventus will turn to Manuel Locatelli of Sassuolo, a midfielder with similar gameplay and are just 22 years old. Whether Tonali or Locatelli then Pirlo will also "planned" midfield towards new people coming rock beside Arthur switch from Barcelona, ​​next to one another midfielder tend attack.

Midfielder which was the second to be mentioned in the newsletter Tuttosport above: Nicolo Zaniolo of AS Roma. Players stone in position "10" is compared with the predecessor Francesco Totti because of ice in Rome, but his ability even more diverse than that by having good speed and especially high 1m90, that he is a threat in the air or at the external border, besides being in a position where ice often Paulo Dybala occupied.

However difficult Zaniolo bought by AS Roma had new owners and their wealthy decided to keep him at all costs. Even Mauricio Pochettino said Tuttosport, who seemed to lead Juventus, Roma are being invited and demanded the Argentine coach is not sold Zaniolo club. If this fails, Juventus will turn Houssem Aouar, midfielder of the club Lyon just kind Juventus.

Pirlo buy
Zaniolo not easy to leave AS Roma (Image Source: Internet)

Zaniolo not easy to leave AS Roma

Midfield is considered bad marks Juventus last season should Pirlo decided additional new players to improve, besides "Old Lady" will also push away Sami Khedira, Blaise Matuidi and possibly Aaron Ramsey to clean site. Bentancur, Rabiot will be the second midfielder to make interest meager stay but will also have to compete with new people.

Juventus to complement Arthur (midfielder middle), Dejan Kulusevski (run right) together with at least 2 midfielders and a striker will have a new face for the 2020/21 season under his Pirlo. Appointed 41 former players is a gamble but Juventus if they can supply ample firepower for Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala, perchance Pirlo will be the first year as coach beyond all expectations.