Though external ownership and personality seem contradictory but thinking of Andrea Pirlo football is the same Pep Guardiola. Italy strategist who does not hesitate to admit fans extremely great predecessors. Pirlo has a clear direction on how to develop young team though seniority.

Pirlo admits Pep Guardiola fans, want to
Guardiola is the epitome of Pirlo (Image Source: Internet)

Guardiola is the epitome of Pirlo

In a recent share quote sheet Goal, Pirlo said: "Guardiola is an example for all of us. He is one of the best people. His tactics have paved the way for the young coach to promote infested attack.

Each of class young coach has his own ideas and bring it into reality, but Pep is definitely a role model for the whole fluctuation of world football. I like his way of thinking: Always attack and make an impact for the game to manage the situation. That is my goal in the future. "

Besides, when asked about becoming the coach of Cristiano Ronaldo, Pirlo said: "I never imagined that. Seen him train and play is an honor for both me and the whole team Juventus. At the age of 35, Ronaldo is still working as a young man, with desire and passion unchanged. He committed himself every day. Ronaldo is a role model for everyone. "

Pirlo was appointed head coach of Juventus after Maurizio Sari sacked in October 8. The Serie A champions have dominated the domestic arena for nearly a decade, but failed in the Champions League. Assigned Pirlo put Juve back top of Europe for the first time since 1996.

Pirlo still a very long way to improve yourself when Juventus played pretty lackluster. Undergone four rounds in Serie A, the Old Lady won 8 points and ranked No. 5, should remember of these 3 points are taken from the Napoli loses.