Petr Cech's performance before Team U23 Tottenham

Chelsea This season has goalkeeper Edouard Mendy to catch himself and except his last weekend against Everton, goalkeeper from Rennes has shown the necessity necessary that coach Frank Lampard requires. However, after Mendy, the remaining goalkeepers of Chelsea were Kepa and Willy Caballero, and both were not trusted by too many mistakes.

Petr Cech returned to play in Chelsea U23 team

For that reason, although Petr Cech has retired from last year to return to Chelsea to work on the transfer, the legend of the Czech Republic is still registered for the club's Premier League team. And I recently re-exported the pitch when I arrested the U23 Chelsea team in the match against U23 Tottenham in the Premier League 2, with the aim of keeping the physical strength to the court for the team 1 when possible.

However, this famous goalkeeper was not as important. Immediately touch the first Cech arrived and U23 Tottenham a corner, and then Jubril Okedina takes advantage to bring the U23 Tottenham ahead after just 2 minutes of rolling.

And by 17 minutes, the gap was 2 goals after Harvey White had an ideal shot into the penalty area of ​​U23 Chelsea for the 16-year-old Dane Scarlett player headed out of Cech. Chelsea U23 finally won 3-2 thanks to an excellent reverse curtain that takes place starting at 61 minutes, and Cech didn't make any mistakes to help the home team cling to the match.

Petr Cech suddenly re-exported at Chelsea: New 2 minutes was wrong
Cech to reach the net after only 2 minutes and received another goal after only 17 minutes (Photo: Internet)

Cech came early after only 2 minutes and received another goal after only 17 minutes

The appearance of Cech in this match was quite surprised because Lucas Bergstrom was the main captain of Chelsea U23 and reserve for Bergström Karlo Ziger. But Bergstrom was captured for the U23 Chelsea 3 days ago and Ziger was being taken to the team 1 for Coach Frank Lampard directly to train expertise, so Petr Cech was called down to catch the following team.

It is noteworthy in this match, the second half witnesses 2 red cards and 5 yellow cards within 4 minutes, at that time the U23 Chelsea equalized 2-2 with 2 goals recorded in only 2 minutes. Danny Drinkwater, the 30-year-old midfielder of the 1st Chelsea team, has a dangerous 2-legged shot for a 16-year-old Alfie Devine on the U23 Tottenham side after Devine does the same with the previous Drinkwater, and both receive a red card Live off the field while the two sides scratched together.

Petr Cech suddenly re-exported at Chelsea: New 2 minutes was wrong
Drinkwater was red card because kicking 2 feet with U23 Tottenham player (Photo source: Internet)

Drinkwater was red card because of 2 legs with U23 Tottenham player

Drinkwater is a forgotten player since joining Chelsea in 2017 from Leicester City, 1 year after he and Leicester champion Premier League. Drinkwater has not yet launched a match for the team 1 since March 2018 and has a rumor that the Reason Drinkwater is purchased by Chelsea just to ensure enough quota players trained in the UK (8 people) at the time there.

Match evolution U23 Chelsea - U23 Tottenham