Recently, Coach Pep Guardiola revealed that the Man City players were "less happy" and felt depressed in a 5-0 victory over Burnley. Specifically, the Spanish strategist affirmed Man City did not enjoy the full victory with the audience present on the field. Playing in the empty stadium makes the players' celebrations become more lost.

Coach Pep Guardiola revealed unexpectedly about Man City

Besides, the dense schedule of this season is also a "nightmare" of the Etihad player team players. They almost had to fight with a short break between matches. Captain Man City announced his student did not have much fun from playing the ball this season.

This dense footage season is the controversial theme throughout the past weeks. The players were somewhat overloaded when playing at a high density, and did not receive an incentive from the audience in the stadium because the Premier League was not open to the fans to the pitch.

"The problem is that the players have completely lost joy and inspiration to play the ball," coach Pep Guardiola shared with reporters. "Previously, we played well with every match every weekend, in the audience's joy on the field. It's 3 days now to another match. We will go to Porto, then prepare for The match met Fulham soon after "- Coach Man City said.

Pep Guardiola reveals Man City: Dai Thang
Man City has the necessary victory before Burnley (Photo source: Internet)

Man City has the necessary victory against Burnley

This is not the first time the 49-year-old army lamented in a long-lasting schedule this season. Earlier, the fact that Man City must witness more injuries from the pillars that made Pep Guardiola unable to stay calm and ask for BTC Premier League to allow replacing 5 players back to the end of the last stage last season last season .

The 5-0 victory over Burnley was somewhat to help Man City regain confidence when falling to the position between the Premier League rankings. At this time, the teacher Pep needs to show the position of a large team to raise hope to pursue the top. Above all will be a reasonable ability to "rotate" coach Pep Guardiola in the context of the current schedule.