Sheet DailyMail said coach Pep Guardiola has invited coach Juanma Lillo, 54, who has led her to compete in club Dorados Sinaloa (Mexico) in 2006 about an assistant at Manchester City, after Mikel Arteta moved to coach Arsenal.

Pep former teacher appointed as
Juanma Lillo coach joins Man City (Image Source: Internet)

Juanma Lillo coach joins Man City

This move by Pep immediate help Man City fans have more faith in the appeal does not ban 2 years Champions League. Earlier, the British press said that Pep will delay the appointment of new assistant so want to wait and see situation Man City appeal. British media said that if the "Green Man" still retain the punishment, Pep may last a few stars of the team leaving.

Not only that, this move also shows that Pep strategist Spaniards are willing to stick with the team long term Etihad Stadium. Earlier, Pep once declared "Man City have relegated me to stay still." Pep currently only 1 year contract at Manchester City and with this move, he can is considering long-term stay is possible to sign a contract extension. Besides, Pep also very confident in the ability of a team of experienced lawyers that Man City are hired to appeal.

Back with Juanma Lillo new assistant. He prior to Man City as assistant to Pep is the coach of the club China Qingdao Huanghai, where he took the championship Division One China (Chinese League One) and a rate of promotion to Super League in 2019.

Pep former teacher appointed as
Lillo and Pep period frontline in general also Dorados (Image Source: Internet)

Lillo and Pep period frontline in general also Dorados

Lillo has experience working with many football stars like Andres Inieta Spain, David Villa, Yaya Toure and even Pep. The two met for the first time in 1998, when Barcelona and Guardiola in the team Real Oviedo Lillo won 4-2.

Pep follow Lillo when he accepted the invitation to coach Dorados (Mexican League), both then have established a relationship of friends and often talked for hours after each session on the topic of strategy. At Dorados, Pep Lillo has perfected the knowledge of space disputes, how remote defense. They have the idea that attack and defense are not necessarily the same separation.

Share on City's homepage, Lillo said: "I am delighted to be joining the coaching team of Manchester City. My relationship and Pep have many years ago and I am very excited to be with him joining this team. " Lillo claims Manchester City will maintain and develop their style of play beautiful football style.