Tottenham defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the North London derby and their victory was the imprint of 3 people. Coach Head Jose Mourinho is one of them by Hiep 2 Tottenham defending his ratio of bringing his style, but the other two are those who bring the match results.

Open lipsticks for Tottenham from Kane's arrangement

Harry Kane and Son Heung Min have played extremely events since becoming their teammates, and this season their association was more dangerous than ever. Kane arrested for Son opened the score in the 13th minute with a beautiful heart before Kane completed a Tottenham counterattack in a minute of the 1st half minutes from the pass as the Son of Son.

This British - Korean coordination brought 3 points to Tottenham so that they took them to repeat the top of the Premier League, and Mourinho would definitely take advantage of this duo much more because this was the 30th and 31 of these strikers Coordinate with each other to make Tottenham goal only in the Premier League. According to OPTAsports, only Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard with 36 times combinations to make the table together are more.

In the history of the Premier League, the top 5 most "deadly" attacks have the participation of Sergio Aguero & David Silva in 3rd place with 29 goals, equal to Arsenal Thierry Henry & Robert Pires's legendary duo And more than 2 goals against Darren Anderton & Teddy Sheringham attacks in Tottenham.

Pair of Kane & Son Heung Min dangerous No. 2 Premier League, a few tables to become number 1?
Kane & Son is only poor Pairs Drogba & Lampard has 5 goals in the list of the most Italian attendants Premier League (Photo source: Internet)

Kane & Son is only poor Pairs Drogba & Lampard has 5 tables on the list of the most Italian attendance pairs in the Premier League

This was the 8th time Kane created a scoring lipstick this season and still had 27 rounds, while the Premier League record was 9 assemblies that Stan Collymore for Robbie Fowler in Liverpool and Mike Newell for Alan Shearer at Blackburn, even in the 1990s. Kane now hit 10 assemblies in this season and he reached that mold after only 11 matches. No one, including David Silva, Mesut Ozil or Kevin De Bruyne, reached the creation figure as fast as Kane in the Premier League history.

The sublimation of the Kane - Son duo is the result of experience accumulation, lifting expertise and understands each other after 5 years of kicking together at the club of two players, combined with new tactics from coach Jose Mourinho. Kane is increasingly improving in the possibility of holding the ball and passing the ball, the lipsticks can now score, and when he attacks Kane there is always 2 wing wing strikers to coordinate with 2 defenders bound up if The enemy seeks to catch 2 wings strikers.

Explaining why they kicked too much to eat with each other, Kane said: "We feel comfortable, we have been at the age of peak career and have understanding each other's ability and habit."