5 consecutive years of failure in the Champions League and in the season empty-handed this year, hard to blame Messi if he wants to leave Barcelona.

Currently appearing big batch queuing autograph Argentine star. Including Paris Saint-Germain, Inter Milan, Juventus or Manchester 2 giants are believed to have been involved in this deal.

Now You See Me Man City buy Messi:
Man City had a great advantage thanks Messi for Pep Guardiola (Image Source: Internet)

Man City had a great advantage thanks Messi for Pep Guardiola

But according to experts that, Manchester City is still the team leader. Partly from his master's intimate striker Argentina is Pep Guardiola, not to mention teammate longtime Kun Aguero, or especially serious of elite floor Man City have brought little more signals into until the present time.

Remember most ambitious boss of Manchester City, Sheikh Mansour is witnessing the darling team to the top of Europe after years of waiting. So, with a mass assets worth more than 17 billion euros of rich patrons, Man City can fully owned dream player won 6 Golden balls in his career.

According to sources from RMC Sport revealed, Man City have a lot of plans to reach the goal through the suggestions sent to Barcelona.

Specifically, the team of England is considering plans to pay Barcelona € 100 million in cash plus the 3 stars including Bernardo Silva, and Eric Gabriel Garcia Jesus in exchange for Messi.

These are all quality players, there was more or less devoted to Man City a few years. Of these, Gabriel Jesus is also the main objective of Origin team Catalunya after Luis Suarez decided to get rid of.

Although Barcelona still want to get enough to break the € 700 million contract with Messi, but considering the fact the request of The Citizens also very fit after a year in exchange for a contract of Lionel Messi.

In a separate incident, journalist Veronica Brunati of Spain revealed Manchester City have reached an agreement personally with Argentina striker on the final details of the contract. The remaining problem depends on Barcelona for his legendary go or not only.