In the upcoming transfer window opinion will wait and see big stars of world football will move the club. However with the translation Covid-19 led the team encountered financial difficulties, shopping is not something easy to do, and if not in large numbers.

Neymar & Ronaldo transfer: The ability for
Neymar wants to return to Barcelona and hard (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar wants to return to Barcelona difficult

And it also can force Neymar to stay in Barcelona and Juventus have accepted to Cristiano Ronaldo to play for the club despite other interested parties. According Solhekol Kaveh, a journalist of Sky Sports, Summer 2020 holiday shopping will not witness 2 players going anywhere, because they are too expensive to be of any team afford.

According to analysis of Solhekol journalist, wants to return to Barcelona Neymar has now also difficult because the amount to Paris Saint-Germain accept to sell him a price not less than 200 million pounds. In addition, the salary of Neymar at PSG is £ 500,000 / week after tax, so if you count the transfer fee and salary remaining with the team Neymar French capital, the total cost of more than 300 million pounds.

That amount of money is bigger than Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Muhammed bin Halman money to buy Newcastle United. What club would not dare pay more than that to buy just one player, but Barcelona still less after they fell into the scene to rely on public assistance during the last service.

Neymar & Ronaldo transfer: The ability for
Juventus want not easily put Ronaldo out CLB (Image Source: Internet)

Juventus want not easily put Ronaldo out CLB

Besides Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo is the next player in the area "too expensive to buy." Ronaldo has accepted a pay cut for Juventus in 4 months when a pandemic, and only 4 months itself, have / will save Juve to 80 million pounds. Ronaldo's salary far beyond the rest of the Serie A more than 3 times.

Ronaldo also paid up to £ 500,000 / week as Neymar, and although he was only 2-year contract with Juventus again, the CR7 at the age of 35 meant his resale value with Juve decreasing.

In 2 cases, Neymar wants to leave PSG Juventus also may want to break up Ronaldo to stabilize the economy. But with large numbers placed on them, will have only one possibility is that both must accept their current status.