The performances of Neymar shot in color shirt PSG

For Neymar, the wrong decision in the cause is probably leaving Barcelona to move to PSG. Three years in Paris, Brazilian striker is money, is dissipated but his football career is going down drastically. Market value on the transfer of Neymar Barca since leaving only down, not up.

Neymar rejected hyperbolous remuneration determined to leave PSG, Barca have open?
Mundo Deportivo newspaper put on the cover date Neymar 3/5 (Image Source: Internet)

Mundo Deportivo newspaper put on the cover Neymar 3/5 days

Which is why the Brazilian striker to leave PSG firmly within this summer. Mundo Deportivo newspaper put Neymar 3/5 day on the front page with the headline "Neymar do everything to return to Barcelona".

According to writer Roger TORELLO the Brazilian striker has rejected the request for extension with PSG very terrible value. The Paris team has offered 100 million euro bribe for Neymar straight and keep the current level of incentives Brazilian striker helped earn about 50 million euros / year.

This is a deal that can help Neymar came sufficiency sung live to the end of the football career and then again. However, the striker has steadfastly refused to express the will to go. Not only that, Neymar even accept a wage cut down almost half to return to the Nou Camp.

According to Mundo Deportivo sources, Brazilian striker had an agreement, "confidential" to Barcelona in the summer of 2019. Neymar will receive salaries as before leaving (30 million euros / year) and get back 30 million euros loyalty fees - problems could make Neymar and Barca are to meet in court.

Neymar rejected hyperbolous remuneration determined to leave PSG, Barca have open?
Neymar will re-coat Barcelona again? (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar will re-coat Barcelona again?

Consistency of Neymar awaits Barcelona responded. Unlike last summer, PSG are now unable to "shout the price" but there is a price fixed by Article 17 of FIFA's transfer rules. Neymar has expired "protection contracts" and can leave if paid enough compensation salaries and contracts.

However, the bottom line if the use of this law is to inform PSG Neymar before. Synonymous with Brazilian striker must surely be that Barcelona will help her. Earlier, sources said that Barcelona will abandon the intention to recruit Neymar this summer due to the impact of translation Covid-19.

However, this may be just "wind damage" to distract the public opinion of the Camp Nou when Neymar proved particularly uncompromising attitude to leave PSG. Apart from Barcelona, ​​hardly any team interested in the item "luxury" is.