PSG suddenly failed 0-1 against Lyon right at home at the 14th round of Ligue 1. This was the fourth defeat of the champions in this season. Not only that, Tuchel coach also had to receive more information when Neymar sticked a very heavy injury in this match.

Neymar hospitalized in the tears of the risk of the C1 Cup, what is a heavy injury?
Neymar painfully lies the backyard of opponents' foul (source: Internet)

Neymar painfully lies on the back of the opponent's foul

The situation happened in the minutes of injury time when Neymar made a ball in the efforts to search for a equalizer. Brazilian striker was cut by Thiago Mendes by Lyon with a very dangerous shadow from behind. The referee immediately withdrew the red card directly with the player on the visitors.

Meanwhile, Neymar lies the field and shouted in pain. After being taken care of by PSG doctors on the field, the Brazilian striker had to leave the field with stretcher in tears. Although it was unclear the level of injury, the French communication said that the player was born in 1992 was likely to have broken ankles.

If this bad script occurs, PSG will not have Neymar's service for several months. The Champions League will enter the 1st round in early February next year and Tuchel coach clearly didn't want to lose the No. 1 star in his squad.

Earlier, Neymar missed 7 matches this season, due to injury, Covid-19 and hanging. However, the Brazilian striker still shows an impressive form with 9 goals and 5 assists after only 12 matches in every arena.

Failure to Lyon made PSG drop to 3rd place on the Ligue 1 rankings with 28 points. Tuchel's army still faces 2 more matches in Ligue 1 in 2020 before the season enters the East holiday.