Neymar's performances against Peru:

Neymar has attracted some "overall ratings wheels" with Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi with the skills to play his virtuosity. However, the gameplay is somewhat outrageous performances along with the messy off-field image of Neymar makes deteriorate in the eyes of many. Even so, talented Brazilian striker is undeniable.

Neymar hat-trick for Brazil: Beyond Ronaldo
Neymar shines in the Brazilian national team shirt colors (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar shines in the Brazilian national team shirt colors

Recently, Neymar has shone with a hat-trick to help Brazil win right away to Peru. It was a difficult game to master games when the hosts Tite who enter the better and early opening goal just 6 minutes.

At a time when Brazil felt most deadlock, Neymar shines in time. Competitive challenge in the penalty area the ball wise the number 10 has earned Brazil a penalty. Neymar himself had done and the player has fooled the keeper and gently broke.

With home advantage, Peruvians took the lead with a goal of Tapia part luck. But Neymar continues to speak to the corner to facilitate Firmino top judge.

The last goal was counted for Richarlison but fact, the ball will still go into the net without touching the 7 of Brazil. Neymar is created but lost a player's merits in the equalizer is undeniable.

Neymar officially pass the legendary Ronaldo to become the second best scorer in the history of Brazil

As the game went on the last minute, Neymar left shoulder shopping center of attention when the second time the penalty was flattened. The defenders of Peru is indeed no way back if not block Neymar fouls and 10 of Brazil completed a brace with a similar penalty kick earlier times.

The last minute, Neymar completed hat-trick when the rebound when the ball came from Peru crossbar of the goal. With three goals in this match, Neymar officially surpass Ronaldo de Lima legend to become the second best scorer in the history of Brazil with 64 goals.

Striker playing for PSG only takes 10 years to complete this milestone while the elder "Ro fat" to spend New Year scored 17 goals for the national team of Brazil 62 goals. At this rate, Neymar can completely razed, even the record-breaking goal by Pele holding (77 goals) while only low 13 goals.

Things will be even nicer with striker Neymar if born in 1992 could help the Brazilian world champion one more time. Neymar had the opportunity to do that while almost certainly will attend the 2022 World Cup if keep the style of the time like the present.