Neymar being the organizing committee suspended after Ligue 1 with Alvaro Gonzalez incident in the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille in Ligue 1 round 2 match ended with a 1-0 victory over Marseille, but the highlight is the end match referee withdraw the two sides to 5 red cards for the scuffle behavior and insulting each other.

Neymar accused of insulting opponents scuffle 5 red cards, risk adding a new sentence
Neymar himself elements of racism, but he was accused of the same thing backwards (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar himself elements of racism, but he was accused of the same thing backwards

Neymar is said to have hit cold Alvaro Gonzalez after the Spanish player called Neymar is "monkey toys", and despite being disqualified but Neymar seems to have no regrets. He even wrote on his Twitter that would be punched in the face by Alvaro when opportunities for racist behavior.

But Neymar is now after the accused has the same behavior. Recently the club Marseille have announced they will give evidence to ask the organizers award must act appropriately dealt with superstar Brazilian by Neymar is currently only suspended for 2 matches and 1 match is on suspended sentence form (will added if received one yellow card in the upcoming 10 matches). Alvaro while being investigated and could receive the most severe punishment after scuffle above.

Neymar has accused of racist rhetoric with Sakai (the Japanese)

Before that Neymar has accused Alvaro verbally by saying disparaging homosexuals and if proven told the other question with Sakai, the penalty for Neymar can also be increased. Do not leave key capabilities Neymar will be the recipient maximum penalty after Subcommittee discipline Ligue 1 investigate all the circumstances, by information shows Neymar does not seem to be an innocent in the whole movement.

Yet the Internet community have expressed skepticism about that. Neymar is a superstar leading and Ligue 1 is unlikely to dare to do heavy-handed with a player like that, not to mention the fact that victims of racial discrimination against people of East Asia is widespread but not spoken of than status for blacks.