The British press, particularly The Sun confirmed Newcastle are preparing to "shake" the Premier League with extreme shopping plan "crisis" of his. Signings "blockbuster" would be "Injecting Choe" instruction to immediately after the transfer of power in this team is finished.

Newcastle splash
Newcastle will "change your life" quickly (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle will "change your life" quickly

Earlier, the organizers Premiership is considering the proposed acquisition of Newcastle with 300 million pounds worth of Saudi boss. The Arab investment fund will stand to fend transfer ownership of the team. With the recent positive signals, Newcastle proposal will soon be adopted in the next 2 weeks.

It is about time breathlessly awaited by fans of Newcastle because they are putting great expectations of the boss dynasty Arab. With personal assets worth up to 7 billion pounds of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Fund will receive tremendous backing of financing. Even, to a team that is considered the "giants" of English football as Manchester City are also wary of the opponent must be evaluated over their wealth a lot.

The arrival of the Arabs boss will bring further positive effects in order to attract top stars. Besides, the military rulers Newcastle choices are sought so much is Pochettino also help "magpie-robin" easier planning detonate the "blockbuster" in the transfer market.

Investments expects that the Investment Fund of Saudi launched this summer will be 300 million pounds, a figure that is dreaming, the most optimistic Newcastle can not expect their team with the date live like a true giants such.

Newcastle splash
Business deals as Joelinton will appear regularly in the Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Business deals as Joelinton will appear regularly in the Newcastle

If you use the entire amount on, Newcastle could become the most big-spending team this summer. They will join the list of the "giants" of English football as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. Remember, Newcastle's transfer record so far is only the sum of £ 40m recruit Joelinton deal last summer.

Now, things are reversed with Newcastle. From a team that almost lost identity, "Injecting Choe" is full of opportunities themselves into, become giants really football England ruled by the boss Arab ambitions "King".