According to the British press, the takeover of Newcastle United boss Arabs can be completed in 2 weeks. PA news agency also details when confirming the new owner of "Injecting Choe" has filed all necessary papers to the Premier League organizing committee. This is the last stage in the process of transfer of power at each team's "big" a period of English football.

Newcastle rich welcome
New reign at Newcastle has not officially started (Image Source: Internet)

New reign at Newcastle has not officially started

With two weeks time to complete the above procedure, Newcastle can fully guarantee that they will get the best preparation for the summer transfer market. As representatives of the Arab investment fund units acquired in the name of Newcastle, the new owners will provide enough 300 million pounds for the procurement plan extreme "crisis" of this team.

Director of the Arab Investment Fund (PIF), Mr. Yasir Al Rumayyan expected to become team president. Former CEO, Lee Charnley will leave the club after handing over the job. With relatively clear plan, Newcastle fans can completely assured when besides recruit the stars, the team will refresh the entire upper world.

Reportedly, Mike Ashley was boss behind Saudi deposit £ 17 million to buy the team. The amount outstanding is 283 million pounds will be paid when the organizers note Premiership via the proposed takeover by the new owners.

Newcastle are currently 13th in the Premier League standings, how relegation only 8 points and immediate task of this team will be successful relegation before "makeover" in summer. "Injecting Choe" also need to be ready for the rotation when the season tassels forces back because they still play in the FA Cup, where the team prepares to welcome Manchester City in the quarter-finals.

Newcastle rich welcome
A lot of stars have been involved in the excitement of the fans of Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

A lot of stars have been involved in the excitement of the fans of Newcastle

Meanwhile, leaders Newcastle are reportedly suspended negotiations to extend the contract with Andy Carroll and Matty Longstaff. Team North East England is focusing on mass contact top stars instead of putting interest in keeping the players in the current squad.

Newcastle have filled out many star names on the list need to buy, can mention Edinson Cavani, Gareth Bale, Antoine Griezmann, Arturo Vidal, Nabil Fekir or Kalidou Koulibaly.