Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has acknowledged the complexity of the power transfer deal in Newcastle. Earlier, all proposals for change in "magpie-robin" was interrupted for too long by stitching approval of the Organizing Committee Premiership. However, according to Mr. Richard Masters, this stems from a series of accusations that the organization acquired Newcastle is the main character.

Newcastle have changed owners
Premier League chief executive admitted the deal changed owners in Newcastle too complicated (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League chief executive admitted the deal changed owners in Newcastle too complex

In the context of the individual related to the sale of Newcastle still expressed optimism on the business transfer of power, then what "big boss" Premier League admit to bring fear to the fans this team .

Has 2 months after owner Mike Ashley's Newcastle agreed to sell to the Arab investment fund. By this time, the Premier League still hold the view that more time is needed for investigation to clarify any facts related to the acquisition represents "Injecting Choe".

Newcastle have changed owners
Newcastle future remains unclear (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle future remains unclear

Newcastle coach himself, Steve Bruce and the fans are more than 1 time confirmed they want the Organizing Committee Premiership speak instead of keeping silence when the deal is an unusual delay. Richard Masters said that the Premier League is acting in the interests of the other teams in the tournament and admits things are becoming very complex.

Newcastle have changed owners
Fans "Injecting Choe" are really worried about the team's fate (Image Source: Internet)

Fans "Injecting Choe" are really worried about the team's fate

"Sometimes things become very complicated. There are legal requirements need to be considered. Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia wants to buy 80% stake in Newcastle but are receiving opposition from the rights owner broadcast the Premier League. the legal battle broke out for control of the tournament was broadcast illegally. This is a process completely confidential including the principles of evaluation and some things to investigate " - Richard Masters said in an interview.

"We have to keep the secret in this process. It's hard to constantly updated information to fans about a process completely secret. I will not reveal the secret, but there is a legal requirement we need time to investigate in detail. This is a deal too hard to decide "- Premier League chief executive added.