Newcastle are awaiting Premier League approved the takeover of the club, Mike Ashley moved from business to Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. Newcastle transfer services will make financial strength of the Premier League 1.

Newcastle Building galaxy properties like Real: Bale & James in sight
Newcastle will be extremely rich once Salman bin Mohammed Prince takeover (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle will be extremely wealthy when Prince Mohammed bin Salman Thai takeover

There has been much speculation about "The Magpies" will force innovation happen after the new owners, they have a team that's not too bad, but currently only enough strength to relegation. There have been many stars were contacted and even people still see the name Kylian Mbappe there, they really are fans of Newcastle, "take a selfie" together by thought out scenarios.

But recently at the Madrid newspaper AS revealed a very interesting information. The newspaper itself and said Real Madrid have two players of "Los Blancos" are Newcastle attention, and both basically no longer in the club's long-term plans although they are still the big star. That's Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez.

Sources said that Newcastle are willing to afford the salary of Bale or otherwise will not decrease much, Bale out pocketed £ 350,000 / week after tax. Bale paid as big star of the team but injuries too much and was disappointed with the club's leadership team since been given a big role post-Ronaldo.

Newcastle Building galaxy properties like Real: Bale & James in sight
Gareth Bale, major goals of Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Gareth Bale, major goals of Newcastle

To Newcastle will be a chance for Bale is back to England and the Premier League football without having to go to China, the Middle East or the US, that even China now is no longer so foreign enjoy the salary "in heaven "as the European team. Summer 2019 Real also sought to pursue Bale go, now Newcastle will both please.

James Rodriguez has returned to Real this season and played very trying when play came in, he sometimes still be coach Zinedine Zidane praise. However he was still a rock star attacker in a position where the team Real no longer used. Even when compared with Isco then James was not trusted by Zidane, but Isco is also just a bench at the Bernabeu.

Newcastle Building galaxy properties like Real: Bale & James in sight
James Rodriguez (Image Source: Internet)

James Rodriguez

Where James will be difficult for Newcastle over by players Colombian with the wary in moving to England in the match, moreover not just Newcastle that Everton also invited James where he also showed old Carlo Ancelotti . But if the top scorer of the World Cup in 2014 wanted a higher salary at Real now both (£ 280,000 / week), then Newcastle will be the ideal choice.

Besides Bale & James, Newcastle also coach Mauricio Pochettino invite aspiring to lead like some information put before. However before their eyes will still give Steve Bruce opportunity to prove themselves, they do not intend to replace minister between seasons.