Performances of 2020/21 season Joao Felix

This 2020/21 season are the signs of a power transfer in La Liga. Real Madrid are not shopping because Covid-19 and started the season not too jubilant, Barcelona, ​​the political turmoil, exhausted economically and military uncertainties lap after demanding to leave Lionel Messi failed. A new power to seize the opportunity to pass up.

Atletico Madrid is the only club that has not lost in La Liga and has the number of tables losing at least and the 2nd good public goods (Photo: Internet)

Atletico Madrid are the only team who have not lost in La Liga and the number of goals conceded at least good and the 2nd row

Atletico Madrid could be the team to do it. They are ranked third in the standings with 17 points, but they have less than 2 stone ranked team on (Sociedad & Villarreal) 2 matches and won just one match they could compensate stone pen to occupy the top spot. Atletico's attacking poor only have 3 tables Sociedad while their defense after 7 games conceding just 2 times.

One of the supplements most notably Atletico last summer, or rather the addition of the most notable, is striker Luis Suarez and he scored 5 goals from the beginning of the season to see the integration completed equipped with the new team. But the only goal by Joao Felix Suarez, and even the influence of Felix to Atletico seemed to be a lot bigger.

Joined last season for 127 million euros, Felix had first season can not achieve much and the deal was seen as a gaffe. But in recent months he has shone brightly: Write down 2 goals to Atletico Salzburg 3-2 in the Champions League, scoring 2 goals to Atletico Osasuna 3-1 down, a volley to down Croatia Portugal 4- 1 in the UEFA Nations League.

Suarez - Felix is ​​helping high-flying Atletico but Felix will fight against Barca

Felix had 7 goals in 10 matches for Atletico in every arena, his performance made Spain pressing him as the best player La Liga from the beginning of the season, and Digo Jota on the Portuguese recruited called him Cristiano Ronaldo's heir. While Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema, Barca & Real's two big stars have not been exploded, Felix's performance has begun to show that he is comparable to Kaka when he is in Benfica.

Felix course with the help of Suarez, who is not only good coordination with Felix, but also caused the defenders to stalk, so that open space for Felix Llorente and Marcos. Losing Suarez because Covid-19 is a disadvantage, but attacking Atletico need Felix to efficiency: In addition to Suarez and Llorente, Angel Correa also played very well next to Felix when tectonic to 3 goals for the star Portuguese Portugal.

Messi - Felix will be very attractive confrontation on Saturday night, two players rich technical & creative but represent two different generations of players. Messi is aging, can no longer maintain the high style is long and is the face of a force is showing signs of decline. Felix was only 21 years old, still a bright future ahead but now is he and Atletico set ambitious topple the big two La Liga.