Rafael Nadal is currently ranked World 2 is a fan of Real Madrid football club since I was small, "Gaur" Spaniards also have close relationship with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Though very busy playing, but when the opportunity will come, 33 players came in to watch and cheer for Real Madrid close friend Ronaldo, the player is a member of the Royal team.

Nadal (center) play themselves Ronaldo (left) but enjoyed watching Messi (right) play more (Image Source: Internet)

Nadal (center) play themselves Ronaldo (left) but enjoyed watching Messi (right) play more

Even if the Portuguese player has moved to Italy to play for Juventus, Rafa also has several times to pitch to cheer, as well as regular phone calls, or ask to your friends via social networks. Everyone thought that with intimate relationships as such, will always consider Nadal Ronaldo is the best player, but that player 33, thought not entirely so.

TNT interview Tuesday 12/5, Nadal said: "Messi better than Ronaldo when playing for Barcelona, ​​but Ronaldo is better than peers while playing for Real Madrid. Let's just relax, enjoy performances the two players are considered the world's best football. luckily they had played together in the national championships of us. "

"I'm a fan of Real Madrid, but love to see Messi play, even though everyone knows this is a player who scored a lot of goals that fans Royal must dumbfounded. It was fortunate to see him (Messi) playing every week, I do not know fans Barcelona like me when they think of Ronaldo or not. do not hide someday I want to see Messi in color shirt Real ", Nadal likes to watch Messi play.

Prior to tennis, Nadal enthusiast and want to become a professional footballer, if uncle Toni Nadal is not directed to children under tennis career, maybe Rafa became a Real Madrid player.