These disappointing results last time that Barcelona became lost in the final stages of the season. And it ignited mass conflict between the stars of the team with coach Quique Setien, already smoldering long.

Mutiny Barca: Messi set a date flip Setien coach seat, revealed new minister
Setien unpopular coach Barcelona players (Image Source: Internet)

Setien unpopular coach Barcelona players

According to Marca, Barcelona's dressing room are serious divisions after 2 draws and Celta Vigo Sevilla. Coach Quique Setien and his colleagues no longer in control of Suarez stars as Messi or due to disagreement over tactics.

According to the source, the board sided with Barcelona Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gerrard Pique and the stars of the team. They believe that the tactical system he Setien brings - from his debut before Granada (1-0) on 20/1 so far is questionable.

In his 17 games, Barca only 4 wins with 2 goals or more isolated, while with 3 draws and 3 defeats. Obviously a period of 6 months has passed is not enough to coach Setien obtains people's hearts, especially when superstars like Messi attack, Suarez or Griezmann goal drought.

3 hours of dawn on 1/7, Barcelona have an important match against Atletico Madrid. According to Mundo Deportivo sources, if the results continue to draw or lose again, almost certainly of coach Quique Setien chair will "fly".

The source said that Barcelona may be charged a temporary solution to replace Quique Setien coach if required to do to stabilize the internal. Besides La Liga, Origin team Catalunya remains controversial Champions League title in August.

Together, leaders Barcelona soon find coaches for next season, and one of which is the City's coach Pep Guardiola. But accordingly, Barcelona hopes to convince Guardiola returned to the Nou Camp next season if in July of this "Green Man" is still the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) remains the sentence suspended for 2 years in the European Cup.

At the present time, if forced to sack coach Quique Setien, Josep Bartomeu chairman appointment is likely to Xavi Hernandez in the hot seat. Legendary Nou Camp now coaching club Al-Sadd in Qatar.

Mutiny Barca: Messi set a date flip Setien coach seat, revealed new minister
Xavi (left) could return to lead Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Xavi (left) could return to lead Barca

Barcelona Xavi ever coach Ernesto Valverde invited on behalf of this year but refused because "not the right time," coach Quique Setien should have the opportunity to replace. Xavi is now back in the top candidates to replace coach Setien.

Before the plight of Barcelona today, Xavi opened the word on newspaper Sport about the possible return of salvation team: "Hopefully my biggest is led Barcelona and brought the team back to winning ways. Now, I think I'm ready ".