2020/21 season promises to be a very long and arduous with MU. After finishing in third place in the English Premier League 2019/20, the fans of this team poses greater requirements for Army coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

MU'd pick
Jadon MU Sancho being pursued (Image Source: Internet)

Jadon MU Sancho being pursued

MU makes great ambition, to become more active on the transfer market. Jadon Sancho - a player just experienced extremely brilliant season with Dortmund, are expected to join and help United to three consecutive years ending up empty-handed.

In the 2019/20 season Sancho is one of the best players in the Dortmund squad. Stars born in 2000 is sample versatile offensive player, he can rock central midfielder, or run-off households are the best. Jadon ownership Sancho speed, technique and crossing ability, while the creativity and the end point of the British players are also appreciated.

The maneuver helped Sancho reached top most efficient player in Europe with 20 goals and 18 line is created in 2019/20 season. And it is also the launch pad for Erling Haaland spearhead striker integrate well, scoring on a regular basis since joining the team shirt black gold Ruhr area.

Phase over the summer transfer window of 2020, Manchester United, Liverpool or Barcelona reach 20 players, but Dortmund knows how to "do the price" his star. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United have been very efforts and goodwill negotiations with Dortmund's case Jadon winger Sancho.

But Old Trafford team disagreed with Dortmund about the transfer fee. Dortmund insist Manchester United paid £ 108 cash for British players, but Manchester United said Sancho prices are too expensive when translated Covid-19 affect the financial situation of the club.

According to the Daily Mail, in the absence of acquired Sancho in markets this summer, United will come back in January 2021. In that situation, "Red Devils" promises to be more assertive in getting "down money" or not. If they progress deep in the Champions League and also have the opportunity to compete Premiership, 108 million pounds to recruit Jadon Sancho strengthen personnel for phase 2 is likely to be adopted.

Bruno Fernandes help MU confidence "to the money" at the winter fair

From the success of the acquisition of Bruno Fernandes, MU is considered not afraid to spend the business first "blockbuster" in the winter transfer window anymore. 2019 summer transfer window, Manchester United have repeatedly attempt to recruit the Portuguese midfielder, but not until May 1/2020, Bruno Fernandes joined the ranks of "Reds".

And what this rookie sprint shown in extremely spectacular indeed, enough to MU as a premise and deal tougher in the current Jadon Sancho. So according to the Daily Mail, if the vice president can not bring Ed Woodward Sancho Old Trafford in the summer of 2020 this fan "Reds" do not be too disappointed. By a new fair at MU winter showed the "old fox".