MU is not a good start in the new season while continually disappointed fans. Solskjaer received much sympathy from fans when there are rookies like that and the holiday season between the two so short that he can not master Norwegian well prepared. But what they say can not deny Manchester United are beginning poor achievement in the history of the Premier League.

MU worst defense the past 90 years:
Solskjaer is a headache for the achievement of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer is a headache for the achievement of MU

After three matches, they only get 3 points and ranked 16/20 Premier League teams 2020/21. Not only that, teachers Solskjaer also conceded 11 times - an average of 1 ball, conceding MU more than 3 times. Heaviest defeat was 1-6 at Tottenham while De Gea must also conceded the ball 2 times when MU won three points against Brighton.

This is the second worse record in the league, tied with Liverpool and ... Fulham. However, the attack of the "Kop" still work very effectively to the plight of teachers Jürgen Klopp was not so tragic. Meanwhile, the offensive player of MU lost myself and there are 5 goals in 2 goals coming from the penalty spot.

Strictly speaking, all the United players are losing confidence. Solskjaer play of the building based on strict defense and lightning counter-attack. However, both stages are experiencing serious problems causing him headaches Norwegian teachers think how to "cure".

Crafts more than 200 million pounds worth of MU is "comedy" more play

According to the Daily Mail, 11 goals after the first 3 games is the worst performance of MU in ... 90 years. In the 1930/31 season, Manchester United, conceding 13 times after the first three rounds. Another statistic also makes fans bored clam is the first time since season 1986/87, "Reds" lost 2 matches entire first Old Trafford stone of the new season.

This makes the impression MU had wasted more than 200 million pounds to bring about the "clown" instead of the defender. "Red" spend 130 million pounds to recruit Harry Maguire (80 million pounds) and Aaron Wan-Bissaka (50 million pounds) in the summer before. Meanwhile, Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof dock Old Trafford for £ 30 million while Luke Shaw was 31.5 million pounds.

They have been playing very good time but currently are not. The weakness of the defense makes the upper level can not be assured in the match. A good statistics "startling" Other MU shot on target only an average of 3 times / match. This means that "Reds" have little chances to score in a match. This results from the lack of creativity to the midfield.

Two brains in midfield Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba are playing under strength. Have to say, the MU team is experiencing the problem. Solskjaer needs to find breakthrough to solve the problem but his time at Old Trafford be enough?