Bruno Fernandes made a double in MU's 4-1 victory over Basaksehir. Even the Portuguese midfielder also had a chance to set up a hat-trick when Mu won a penalty after the situation of Rashford fouled in the penalty area in the 35th minute. But instead of stepping up the penalty as usual, The 26-year-old gave up this responsibility to Rashford. Without the trust of his teammates, the British striker was successfully implemented.

Mu won jubilantly: Fernandes
Rashford implemented a successful penalty to raise the score to 3-0 (Photo source: Internet)

Rashford implemented a successful penalty to raise the score to 3-0

Explaining the action of penalty after the match, Bruno Fernandes said: "Of course every player wants to set a hat-trick but after the match in the Premier League, I told Rashford that the next person performed Penalty It's him. I remember that and because he was one of the top scorers in the Champions League this season, I thought it was important that he had that confidence. "

It was a Penalty of the 30th penalty that MU enjoyed in 75 matches since the beginning of the previous season and Coach Solskjaer admitted he had no problem with his players sharing the responsibility of Penalty.

"Bruno is very confident, Rashford is also a very good free kick. If Bruno felt he wanted to give it to Rashford, just like that. Martial also made a penalty in the match against Leipzig, so why not? They can share the responsibility of implementing penality for each other, "the Norwegian strategist spoke.

With a 4-1 victory over Basaksehir, MU is currently leading Table G with 9 points after 4 plays. "Reds" only need to win 1 point in the last two matches to get the ticket into the Champions League knock-out round. In the last 2 matches, MU will continue to refine the Rike PSG at home and marched to Germany as Leipzig's guests. Even so, Coach Solskjaer was still very cautious.

"The opportunity to continue is divided equally to the teams. We had 9 points, the two teams have 6 points (PSG and RB Leipzig) and Basaksehir are 3 points, so we still need scores to pass the group stage. One point perhaps enough to 3 points can bring the top position, so hopefully before PSG, we can win the number of points you need but it is another problem, "coach 47 years old said.

However, the joy of winning for MU is not complete when Wan-Bissaka and Lindelof cannot play a full 90 minutes. Lindelof relapsed his back after a collision at the end of the first half, while Wan-Bissaka had to leave the field in the 59th minute. After the match, Solskjaer was still optimistic that the duo would return when MU confronted with Southampton in the 10th Premier League this weekend.

"I hope that both will come back and can play at the end of the week but we are not sure. It is a problem on the back for Lindelof, and Wan-Bissaka has an ankle problem. Therefore, We have no reason to risk any more, "Coach Solskjaer expressed.