Some situations in practice match between Manchester United and West Brom

About versed in origin fog message confirming coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær has no intention of using Pogba in the starting lineup in the match against Tottenham coming. French midfielder has not played since Boxing Day occasion, even only 2 appearances since September last year because of trouble in countless heel.

MU welcome bad news: Pogba risk reserve against Tottenham because of unexpected
Pogba need more time to integrate back (Image Source: Internet)

Pogba need more time to integrate back

Pogba last time playing for Manchester United is on 26/12 last year. He just came in two games from May 9/2019, due to nagging injuries. Practice play and ability to integrate with the new lineup are the two biggest weaknesses of Pogba.

Athletic Page said, though completely fit on the training ground, Pogba can not regain the power stone. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is preparing the starting lineup without the presence of "6", and Pogba need time to integrate.

Once asked about the qualities you want in midfield, Solskjaer added: "Some people will have to sacrifice some of the game here, it's part of every team, this is not sport individual. When you play central midfield position, including 3 people, you have to adapt to the game in a way to support the team. "

This means that the MU fans will have to wait to be seen with the combination Pogba Bruno Fernandes during an official match. In a friendly match recently closed, when Pogba and Fernandes playing in midfield, losing to West Brom 1-2.

Each repeatedly confirmed, "of course, no doubt, good players can play the pair together" when asked about the possibility of coordination between Pogba and Bruno but Solskjaer has been using a lineup with no Pogba repeatedly in recent sessions.

Fred Scott McTominay and Nemanja Matić is the brightest candidates next to Bruno Fernandes playing in midfield. This arrangement has proven effective pre-holiday period to avoid service, when United won a series of battles for up to No. 5.

Rivals Manchester United, Tottenham also have the return of several key players, such as Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min. If you win the game on 19/6, teachers Jose Mourinho will shorten the gap to one point. Manchester United and Tottenham are also opportunities in the Top 4 Premiership.