In a recent interview in the Times, experts Graeme Souness believes Manchester United should jump into the race to recruit Lionel Messi when that next week will be the "golden time" to open a negotiation for future Argentine superstar.

MU was whispered
MU advice buy Messi (Image Source: Internet)

MU advice buy Messi

Souness said that both Manchester clubs have a chance in the race for the signature of Messi, and that they should take time Barca's current instability to make a decision.

"Messi seems to have endured the burden that the team enough," Souness said. "Without him, they are not qualified to play in the Champions League. Upcoming weeks will decide to make an offer for the 33-year-old. I found him to Manchester to play football - Manchester United or Manchester City are, is not difficult. "

Of the two clubs that Souness mentioned, Man City have little advantage in recruiting Messi, while their head coach Pep Guardiola, who has a very close relationship with "La Pulga". Many sources claim that Manchester City would "pay any price" to recruit star Golden Ball award 6.

In this context, from Italy, Inter Milan also voiced very strong ambition to get Messi, when rumors about representing Serie A wants to recruit Messi becoming increasingly dense, whether in terms of financial potential main, Inter seemed "taller" than the two Manchester clubs.

In a recent speech, former director of the Inter Massimiliano Mirabelli said that Messi was "more than a dream" with this team. "When I was at Inter, the president Zhang often talk about this transfer and said 'I want to buy Messi', but we often dissuade him by the legal issues of financial fairness.

I can sure you that Messi is more than a dream for Inter. He is only 1 year contract also did not want to lose Barca he's white summer next year. "

Be aware, there is a clause in the contract of the player Messi allowed to go free until 6/2020 previous month, but the moment had passed and still no static Messi for the future. Be aware, the contract price of Messi frees up to 625 million pounds, a huge number and this means that Barca have a big advantage in the self-determination: either sell or keep him Messi added one more year.

"These important decisions need to be made in Spain, basically they do not want to fall into the hands white in this case. Who has the advantage would be the first move, "Mirabelli said about the race's signature scramble Messi this summer.