Closes the season with a 3rd place straight Premier League and win tickets to the No. 1 European arena next season, MU is full of spirit towards the Europa League title.

MU was rated poor 2 teams in the Europa League, says Solskjaer still hard
Coach Solskjaer wants trophies with Manchester United (Picture source: Internet)

Coach Solskjaer wants trophies with Manchester United

Through the message of coach Solskjaer eve of the match against Copenhagen can see that more and more obvious. "I'm an ambitious person. I want people to know one of my dream is to win the title with Manchester United in the role of coach. That will certainly be the most wonderful moments of my life. "

MU closest title win is the Europa League, but has since 2017. It is this impulse as determined champion Solskjaer tribute to the fans.

"Europa League will be a great encouragement for Manchester United," said Solskjaer. "The urge and desire is essential to become a champion. It makes sense need dedication and focus to specified targets. MU's players know where they are, and we understand the resources that can make up what is present ".

As a player, Ole Solskjaer won six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, 1 Champions League. But after the turn of career coaches, strategists, 47 still do not have a trophy.

Looking ahead, Ole Solskjaer with the students will travel to Germany to prepare for the game against Copenhagen in the 2019-20 Europa League quarter-finals. With rising performance and superior force, not surprisingly, been put MU on the door.