Before joining Real Madrid and Juventus, Ronaldo rose to become the best player in the world in MU shirt. In 6 years wearing "Red Devils", the Portuguese superstar has scored 84 goals in 196 appearances, winning a Champions League (2008), 3 consecutive seasons British Premier League (2006 -2009), as well as won the golden ball in 2008.

MU was pumped money to welcome Ronaldo back: Curious about the
Ronaldo and Mu champion C1 Cup in 2008 (Photo source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Mu champion C1 Cup in 2008

Trade power Ronaldo brings to managing teams and donors is undeniable. Since signing a contract with Juventus in mid-2018, the Portuguese superstar helped Jeep cars, the main sponsor of the Italian Club, breaking the record of sales. And yet, the appearance of CR7 also helped Juventus's stock increased by 30% on the Milan Stock Exchange after only one week.

Chevrolet, MU's main sponsor, saw the positive impacts that Ronaldo was commercially. Every year, the famous American car manufacturer must pay 54.5 million euros to print the brand name on the chest of the "Red Devils". And now, according to the source of Auto Esporte, Chevrolet is also ready to financially support the Old Trafford team in recruiting Ronaldo.

However, Ronaldo's salary will be a small obstacle to MU because he is receiving up to 500 thousand tables / week in Juventus. Currently, in MU, goalkeeper de Gea is the highest payout of only 375 thousand tables / week. In addition, "Red Devils" will have to compete with PSG in Juventus's No. 1 star signature.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson declares retirement in 2013, MU still cannot return to the glorious period. It was 7 seasons passed, "Red Devils" still had no 1st Premier League champion, despite spending a lot of money on the transfer market. Solskjaer's army owns a lot of quality players but lacks a star with the quality of champions like Ronaldo in the squad.

At the age of 35, Ronaldo was still Juventus's No. 1 striker with 10 minutes later after 9 appearances in this season. Age does not seem to affect the remarkable scoring performance of CR7. Even so, there must still be seen whether the Portuguese superstar accepts the proposal to return to the old roof.