MU marched to Germany with many advantages. They just need 1 point to the home team Leipzig is enough to win tickets into the Knock-out Champions League round. However, all those privileges only made the 2-3 defeat of the army under the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer coach.

Pogba aggravates before the match shelf

According to Daily Mail sources, there are many reasons leading to MU's failure, but one of them is Paul Pogba. The French midfielder was thought to have been rebelled in the last sessions of the "Red Devils", before flight to Germany to play the death match.

Kishan Vaghela journalist led a source from Old Trafford revealed, Paul Pogba completely did not practice, preparing for this extremely important match. After knowing he continued to sit in front of Leipzig, the 2018 World Cup champion was angry and "strike" by not practicing.

Pogba has certain facilities to get angry with Coach Solskjaer's decision. Only 3 days ago, "Pogboom" set up a super product into West Ham, help Mu upstream defeat the home team 3-1. Only things, how Pogba reaction has created a negative effect with teammates. As what the predecessor coach Jose Mourinho described when working at Old Trafford, Pogba was actually a virus that harmed the team.

The attitude of the French midfielder is suitable for the speeches of Mino Raiola, only 24 hours before the match shelf. "Fat" told Tuttosport's home newspaper: "I think Pogba's career in MU has ended. He is unhappy in MU and no longer expressed feelings as if you want. Pogba needs a new club, to change the atmosphere".

Super stork Raiola also strikes another blow into Pogba's spirit and MU players: "He has a contract to summer 2022. But I think the best way for Pogba and MU, is he left in the period Transfer to. If not, MU faced the risk of losing white Pogba, because he didn't intend to renew. Leaders understand that, otherwise they don't understand anything about football. I if Pogba go ".

MU was eliminated to C1 Cup: Pogba rebellious dressing room, Solskjaer
Relationship between Coach Solskjaer with pogba cold (source: Internet)

Relationship between coach Solskjaer with pogba cold

Therefore, everyone understands the reactions after the match with Leipzig of Paul Pogba. This midfielder rebelled literally: blaming teammates, smashing in the dressing room, causing Coach Solskjaer crazy. Therefore, Norwegian military holders do not hesitate to throw Paul Pogba's representative of criming messages.

Sky Sports quoted Coach Solskjaer: "Want to know if he is happy in MU or not? Go to Paul Pogba. I won't say him. Now is not the time to talk about an individual, to Talk about issues outside the team. We need to focus on their work. Only thing, what Mino Raiola said inadequate and completely improper reality ".