MU completely surrender since Anthony Martial expelled 28 minutes It was an inexcusable mistake of the French striker. By only 2 minutes later, Harry Kane increased the lead to 3-1 to Tottenham, and the great battle has officially become a nightmare with the "Reds".

MU was crushed Tottenham 1-6: Not Maguire & Pogba, who has the worst?
MU's players have received the worst scores in the defeat to Tottenham, while Son Heung-Min, Kane was honored (Image Source: Internet)

MU's players have received the worst scores in the defeat to Tottenham, while Son Heung-Min, Kane was honored

Tottenham did not go all out attack in half 2, by which can be calculated from Mourinho. Or visitors enough tired after a long period plowed, and they do not need to spend energy for a match arranged. Otherwise, MU had not lost 1-6, even more intense than that.

It is difficult to find who is the worst among the players Manchester United played the last great battle. Because there are so many Reds played bad this match. But if I had to find out the name made the fans angry MU least, that would be Harry Maguire.

MU's opener after successful penalty kick by Bruno Fernandes in just minutes 2. If no errors Harry Maguire directly help Tottenham quickly equalized 4 minutes, perhaps "Reds" did not collapse quickly so. The disastrous hooked midfielder MU captain has disservice undergoing its worst defeat in decades.

British newspaper Daily Mail tried to protect Harry Maguire when he put the 3 points out of 10. Even with this score, Maguire was not the worst player of the "Reds". However, the page for 90 minutes Whoscored dot currency Maguire superlative career 4.4 points and became the player with the lowest score of the 28 names to play this game.

According to the Daily Mail, the "side by side" with Maguire in this match is Luke Shaw and Eric Bailly also extremely bad. Both names are getting 2 points 2.

After the match, both Shaw and Maguire have received criticism from the extremely heavy Manucian. Shaw repeatedly to immense gaping gaps, leading to a series of goals the home side at Old Trafford.

As a habit, Paul Pogba was expert Kieran Jackson's Daily Mail intense criticism. Whenever possible, the role of the French midfielder was "destroyed" before muscle strength from the Tottenham midfielder Sissoko, Ndombele, or Hojbjerg. And like those miserable his teammate, Pogba received 2 points in the day, "Red Devils" pathetic.

But who deserves being criticized in this match of Manchester United, that's Anthony Martial. Daily Mail grading 1 to act petulant Eric Lamela hit in the face of the striker wore the number 9 MU. With his blow, creating energy that Martial took a penalty for Manchester United as "thrown in the trash."

Player Ratings: Manchester United - Tottenham (Daily Mail)