Both Manchester City and Manchester United are spicy nose seeing Premiership champions Liverpool completely convincing in the season 2019/20. Want troops stood in the way of coach Jürgen Klopp red shirt, two Manchester clubs are required to self-improvement - increased power for yourself before thinking about the title race.

MU War Man City: Race
Jack Grealish are strongly impressed (Image Source: Internet)

Jack Grealish are strongly impress

According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United and Manchester City are to meet at a point. It was Jack Grealish. Both Manchester City team were struggling to own Aston Villa club captain - who had a brilliant season on an individual level.

As of round 31 Premier League, Jack Grealish has 7 goals and 6 line is created, add 2 phase of the FA Cup at the arena again. Before the season back to the post-pandemic Covid-19, Grealish a player was fouled the most in 5 leading European leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain).

According to Opta, Jack Grealish been fouled 148 times after 2,699 minutes played. No other player in Europe - including Junior Neymar stars like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo was fouled so much. Jack's performances in Aston Villa shirt colors to convince all, including scouts Manchester United and Manchester City.

Recently former players Jack Grealish says Darren Bent will not stay at Aston Villa after the 2019/20 season. Including Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham are the opportunities to own Birmingham-born players than before.

Darren Bent told Football Insider: "I think Jack Grealish has targeted 3 team. I predict that Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham likely to be. I think they are the three teams are chasing him. Conversely, he also thought going to 1 of the 3 teams on ".

"Maybe I'll put MU in the highest position. The future is not anybody's guess, including Grealish stay at Aston Villa. But for me, he is looking forward to the bigger clubs. Still, I expect a surprise from Manchester City "- Bent concluded.

MU War Man City: Race
Guardiola wants Grealish at Man City (Image Source: Internet)

Guardiola wants Grealish at Man City

And seems to predict the former Tottenham striker is going in the right direction. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester City is not the new MU team unexpectedly won the pole in this deal, after coach Pep Guardiola is said to be personally contacted to persuade Aston Villa club captain on Etihad.

When Man City clash at Aston Villa in the League Cup, Guardiola has reserved praise for Grealish: "He is a talent incredible, one of the best players in England at the present time and can create something special. However, Grealish too expensive for Man City ".

Post-pandemic Covid-19, Aston Villa to understand that they need to lower their prices Jack Grealish. The hosts had time Villa Park speculation that want to blow up the player cost £ 100 million. But now 80 million pounds or perhaps a little more reasonable.

For his part, Jack Grealish priorities seem to Man City than MU. Though "Green Man" in danger of missing the Champions League in two years, the ability of the English Premier League team Manchester United is still higher. Furthermore, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes looked to shine at Old Trafford, Jack is no reason to refuse, "Reds".