Start struggling in the Premier League as a result of a failed transfer window but coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is experiencing. After 3 super lucky point before Brighton won, perhaps fans MU felt gloomy atmosphere about to pull the "Theater of Dreams" if the team continues to play so bad.

MU wait rookie last recruit: SAO Sancho £ 40m replacement be?
MU finished selecting people rather Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

MU finished selecting people rather Sancho

Solskjaer obvious need to enhance human strength to realize his ambitions. By far, the Norwegian national strategy has to have a class winger. That is why Sancho is considered the No. 1 target in the summer of 2020.

But then what is happening, gradually MU desperate to deal with time. Cause large part because the hosts at Old Trafford did not want to spend 108 million pounds that Borussia Dortmund request.

The prospect on, Manchester United almost certainly will not be able to buy Sancho and they planned to option 2 is understandable in the current situation. Telegraph sources have revealed, Ismaila Sarr was "touted" to Old Trafford through a contract worth 40 million pounds.

Reportedly, Watford want to sell their players for the "Reds" summer 2020 before markets closed on 5/10. Actually, Ismaila Sarr is not a name too strange for the fans, especially after brace against Liverpool Watford shocking win last season.

Obviously, the level of environmental Sarr has far exceeded the lower classes Championship and Manchester United want to rescue this player or not will depend on the decision of the coach Solskjaer. Because, to spend 40 million pounds to sign contracts with Sarr would be a real gamble, especially when he is clearly only one option 2 for Jadon Sancho.

That's why the Manchester United striker is considering borrowing 22 is probably the most appropriate plan at this time. By comparison, Watford can be installed on the buyout clause worth 40 million pounds for the MU. And from now until the end of the season, coach Solskjaer can assess whether Senegalese winger is worth the amount of money or not MU by direct experiment.