Joe Hugill scored twice against Sunderland U23

Although the summer transfer market has yet to open in 2020, but the team has begun to move the work of recruiting. Due to the impact of translation Covid-19, virtually all of the club must change the transfer strategy. The "blockbuster" likely will be replaced by the horizontal exchange contract and the contract for the future.

MU upcoming first signings: Overcoming Arsenal won
Solskjaer upcoming new signings named Joe Hugill? (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer upcoming new signings named Joe Hugill?

According to the Manchester Evening News, Manchester United are about to get the first contract for next season. Sources said the "Reds" has been negotiating for several months and prepare complete a £ 300,000 contract named Joe Hugill from Sunderland.

Talented young British to wait in October stepped over the age of 17 but has received the attention of a lot of big clubs in England as Tottenham, Arsenal, Wolves ... Several teams of Germany also sent scouts to but not making suggestions.

So Joe Hugill who makes MU to obtain such determination? Born in Durham, Hugill is one of the brightest talents of Sunderland football academy present time. This player plays as a striker and quickly demonstrated great ability scorer.

MU upcoming first signings: Overcoming Arsenal won
Joe Hugill (blue) has similarities with the man Harry Kane (Image Source: Internet)

Joe Hugill (blue) has similarities with the man Harry Kane

High 1m90 but Hugill very deft and agile. Playing style of the player makes people relate to people elder Harry Kane but differs in one point is left-footed Hugill. January 11/2019, Hugill hat-trick for Sunderland U18 team in FA Youth Cup and continuous "fire" then. Outstanding performances that helped Joe Hugill called up U23 team Sunderland.

Whatever game opponents "double" your age, but this young talent was not afraid. Hugill brace up even a launch day although can not help Sunderland U23 clueless front 2-4 at Premier League West Ham United U23 2 - league win for the reserves.

According to the Evening Standard, Joe Hugill has caught the eye of Ole Gunar Solskjaer coach along with two colleagues while Michael Carrick and Nicky Butt and Sunderland U18 U18 game MU. If successful recruit talented young British rock will be placed immediately in the MU U23 team next season. This means that Joe Hugill have the opportunity to play in the Premier League at the age of 17.

Of course, it is too early to assert Joe Hugill will follow his man Harry Kane but clearly, a bright future awaits young British talent.